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  1. Er.....booked flights to Chiang Mai thinking there would be no problem renting a motorbike and riding into Laos for a bit of a look,but am having trouble finding a bike shop that allows their bikes to do such a trip!

    Anybody can point me in the right direction please??
    Websites or email addresses would be cool.....have to wait till the 12th before I can phone anyone,but would like to have something organised before then.

    Thanks in advance....
    :cry: :thumbdown:
  2. Hi Brake034,

    Sent an online enquiry to them (I think) so will wait to see their response.
    A fair bit dearer than if the bikes are used locally,but if there isn't an option then that's what you have to pay!
    Thinking a 250 will probably do for Laos...I'll try to track down a real email address for them,see what my options are.
    Thanks for your help!

    Crap,I could have flown into Chiang Rai instead of CM....sigh...hope there are buses or vans that I can catch up to Chiang rai.
  3. I know some of the Chiang Mai rental shops will let you take their bikes into Laos, but can't recall which ones off the top of my head. I'm sure someone will chime in here with a list for you shortly.

    Alternatively, when you're done riding in Thailand fly on to Vientiane and rent there. :thumbup:
  4. Hi Poompui,

    Here is Fuark's details based in Vientiane.


    Phone numbers in the link below
    The mobile number in the link is the same as in my phone.

    Fuark is a great guy and has the biggest selection of bikes in VTE.

    He can also arrange to have the bike shipped to Luang Prabang for a fee if you want to start up there and work your way down.

    Plenty of cheap flights out of Udon Thani to Bangkok etc..
    Most people fly to Udon and then take a bus / taxi up to Nong Khai and cross.
    A lot cheaper than flying in direct to VTE.

    If it was me.. I would rent in Lao.. less hassle.

  5. Thanks for the information guys,will consult my mate before deciding what to do.
    Only costs $50 each to change our flights so might consider doing the renting in Vientiene for the Laos leg of the trip.

    That's more beer I owe you guys!
  6. Please note, as Brian mentioned above, flights to Vientiane are unusually expensive, supposedly to prop up Lao Airlines, so if you catch a cheap domestic flight to Udon Thani and taxi to the border you can save quite a bit.

    +1 for Fuark; his rental shop is near the Vientiane airport and he has the largest and best maintained fleet of rental bikes in Laos. :thumbup:
  7. Definite plan now is to rent from Vientiane,but that link above to Fuark is broken.
    Suppose Jim from Remote Asia Travel is a reputable dealer?

    Will be in Laos from 16th for about a week,then up north to Chiang Mai to sample all these roads I've been reading about.
    This way I can rent a bigger bike.....mmm...twisties!

    Thanks again for all your assistance!

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