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  1. Hi, I'm new to riding and this site. I'm 34, and live up near Chong Mek.

    I would like to get a small bike for starters, and was thinking of a new KLX250..

    I'd really appreciate some advice on what you guys and girls think of this bike, or any tips regarding this or other bikes that you think would be suitable.

    I dont want to use it for long tours, just getting to know my local area, and a lot of offroading around the villages.

    thanks in advance,
  2. Dave,
    The KLX is a great bike. Tough, light, easy to fix, easy to find parts for in Thailand and it runs on just about any gas you can find. It also lends itself to a lot of different mods to include a "Big Bore" 300 cc kit. I'm currently on a 650 but have used the KLX on a few occasions to include a 1000 KM weekend trip and it was TONS of fun (it will wheelie with some effort)

    Also if you plan to ride though a lot of water you might want to consider the kick start kit but it is small enough to bump start in a pinch. Big thread in ADV rider about it:


  3. Hi Canoli, thanks for the reply....that helps me a lot, as does the link.

    Much appreciated.
  4. Hi Tango.
    2011 klx is same as previous 2 years models,
    i riding 09 version, and im newbie as well. Im pretty happy with bike and still riding it stock, but like opportunity to easily modify it, and cheap spares as well.
    Its not very responsive to throttle but that will only help if you just learning, and regardless of throttle response it does wheelie and jumps easily when you got used to it or put 50tooth sprocket :) on rear. There is two types of modified ecu in Thailand (8k and 5k baht) as well some guys in Chiang may was de-restricting it for some 2k baht. any master will open your exhaust for 1k baht and you have free mod by re-wiring it a bit (i not recommend) and opening airbox lidtrimming snorkel
    max speed i got on speedo was 135 kph while going on decline with good wind tube.
    But i'm so much in love with mine that i even plan to bring it to my country if it will be reasonable expenses.

    There is no other new enduros available around(wr can get for 300k but not reasonable especially for noob), so klx is best choice for newbie in thailand (but you can risk to get second hand baja or smth simillar good old enduro).

    Make sure to brake in it properly and get good protection for yourself.

    p.s. but may be you would like to get some small scooter and some mx bike (here is plenty of mx tracks around which i like to ride on) or get lyfan(china enduro) and cbr 150 for the price of one klx
  5. and we should ask fishenough for time proved opinion, may be send him PM
  6. There is lots of stuff on this forum about the KLX and D-Tracker, and I have rarely seen anything negative. Also if you look at some of the trip reports, such as Rod Page, he has done many thousands of km in varied terrain and he is very happy with his. He has chosen the D-Tracker, basically same frame, engine suspension, seat etc, D-Tracker has smaller wheels and street oriented tyres, so if you aim to be 90% pavement, probably a better choice, if you are more off road biased, the KLX fits the bill. Some guys have both sets of wheels and fit depending on the trip.
    Many happy owners of these bikes, and as I say, have not yet met anyone who has been dissapointed.
  7. Hi John and Naz, thanks for taking the time to reply to my post, the info you have given has helped me a lot.

    Naz, you mentioned the WR for 300'00, what size engine is the WR? 250 or 450?

    thanks again guys
  8. I bought the 2011 KLX250s and Love it... I ride on the beach on the roads, blasting past everyone and take it to the Motorcross Track as Well. Mods are cheap and easy, It does seem sluggish when you first get it, but it's got plenty of power for all situations, This bike just keeps getting better everywhere I take it. From Street Rides to Pretty big Jumps it Rocks. I beat the Shit out of it and it keeps Truckin. You won't be disappointed.
  9. Just did a dirt bike trip to Laos on one of these - great little bike, especially on bad roads (which you can pretty much ignore on this bike, just pretend the road is OK and it will go over anything), and on the dirt.

    On the road it's a bit slow. Mine was restricted as well so even slower, de-restricting it is very simple.

    It was great fun in the dirt, seemed to just go over anything and everything, hold on lightly to the handle bars and hit the gas and let it do it's thing. Awesome.

    Downsides I found:
    - Gear shifter bends easily. Better bring a spare on longer trips.
    - Clutch lever bends easily. Hand guards or spare clutch lever probably a good thing.
    - 50/50 tires don't do motard-style turns. Well they do but only up to a limit, and when they hit said limit then you end up flying across the asphalt, across the road, and onto the curb. Ahem. Before the crash I was doing totally amazing speeds in the corners - no corner under 90. It was awesome. But then I just lost the front, there was no sliding and no recovery possible, it just wiped out and was gone.
    - Fuel economy - maybe I had a bad bike. Or I was whipping it too hard (don't think so though) - but I rarely got over 100km out of it before the fuel lamp started flashing. Cant be that bad though can it? The D-Tracker at least got over 150...

    Cheap and readily available spare parts are a huge plus.
  10. I Love the KLX!!! Fantastic Value for Money! I have had mine de-restricted with the Performance ECU. New Airbox Snorkel and Full exhaust System. I have basically Thrashed it after the first 1000 kms and had No Problems? I actually got it up to 152kmh on the Speedo downhill coming back from the Memorial Ride! I was surprised at the fuel economy You got Nikster? Must of had a bad bike? Normal is about 120 before the light comes on for Me. In Laos I have had over 200 kms on a Tank! Also the standard Dunlop Tyres are little Rippers I thought? Maybe on Your rental they had some other cheap ones on? I push mine pretty hard and they really hang on and have only had the rear break loose on occasions but it goes in a fashion that is controllable ( so far, touch wood! ) I run 22psi in them. If you have low or high pressure they don't handle nearly as well I found? The Majority of Riders wouldn't ride as hard as You of course? Anyway getting of track really. The basic answer to Tango is Fantastic Bike, Great Value for Money and cheap to run and Maintain, Go for it and Enjoy!!!
  11. I currently have a 48 tooth sprocket and can hit about 150 kph. I just bought a 52 teeth sprock. Does anyone else have one already installed? I'm curious what my top end will be. Not that I need to do 150. And what kind of kick does it give in 1st 2nd and 3rd. Ive just got off road tires and plan to be in the dirt more now. Track and trails. Thanx
  12. Great Bike.. Had mine since May 2011.. Now have just over 8,000 km on the clock.
    New API ECU.. Makes a huge difference and a totally new bike..
    Done 3 trips to Laos now on it and it is amazing.. no problems what so ever.

    Even with the new ECU and exhaust.. Still had 150km out of the tank easy..
    The fuel light does come on early.. Usually there is around 1.5 litres of petrol left.
    So you can bank on another 50km before you run out.. roughly... not racing on the highway of course :)
  13. maybe rent the bike or buy secondhand KLX DTX 125 - 250 here

    warning Thai language


    or buy some AT bike or CBR250i for good cheap service maintenance and don't use too much gas
    if you want to sell it don't hurt yourself with lower price
  14. The KLX is a great bike and it´s still (90%) the same bike, which was the first 250cc fourstroke worldchampion in the nineties. Good quality and great value. I ha(ve/d) 3 and would buy it again. With some little modification it´s a wonderful reliable trailbike.
  15. like.
  16. looks like shit, sounds like shit, made of plastic, seat like a plank, but seems excellent off road and quick enough if you rev the balls off it. Had mine a month, don't like it, but love what it can do, ie, take me places I can't go on any other machine.
  17. Bring it down here for a Visit Ian and We will get it Going for You! You will leave with it Sounding good and getting Full Power!
  18. Since everyone is posting positive aspects let me tell you the negative ones.

    First I have to say I owned one for a year and it's a really great bike for the value, got number plate, good on the road as well as offroad, very low maintenance.

    Now the klx is not an offroad bike. It is as it is designed for, a dual-sport bike.

    The main problem when riding offroad is that the bike feels very clumsy, very heavy. It lacks torque and power. It has problems starting when wet (rain season). The pegs are not well placed, I found it impossible to stand up and pinch the bike going uphill.

    My point is if you are doing 50-50 road/dirt it's the top choice for a 250 (with the honda XR). If you are doing 80+% offroad, get a proper offroad bike. I got my wrf for 190k and it's a totally different world. Weight (it's an aluminum frame), power, handling,... basically everything. But then you have no plates and it's a pain on the long road streches as it has an enduro bike seat (not as soft and massive as the klx).

    Don't flame me, I'm just trying to say what I disliked to the bike, all in all it's a great bike, I enjoyed it for 1 year and had almost no problems with it.
  19. sorry Ian, I guess I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I just love old Brit bikes, to look at, hear running and ride. Modern jap bikes dont do it for me, although extremely competent, reliable and don't have incontinence issues. For what I bought the KLX for, exploring dirt tracks up mountains, it's perfect.
    I may come down your way on it next year, you can show me some tracks there... That area around Wat Chan looks great too for offroad stuff.

  20. I've had mine about 2 years. I'd say its my first 'REAL' Bike. had lots of scooters and a Phantom before. not knocking phantom's but the KLX is in another league even on road.
    like the Guy said. Dual sport. mainly on road use for me, but enjoy the dirt tracks occasionally. having took the wrong turning a few times its not the bike I'd recommend for pure offroad use . I think its ideal for northern Thailand. The roads up here are a mess ;-)

    I'm just thinking about getting it de-restricted .
  21. To Ian + Masta.
    it´s not a chopper and not an EXC. Sounds shit because of streetlegal bullshit, same story with the high weight. A streetlegal EXC has 7HP, who cares? Dual sport or trailriding, that is what the KLX is made for. And this job is made quite good. If you want/need a sportenduro, an EXC or WR is the better choice.
  22. My view of the Klx 250 is the best road legal plated bike in Thailand
    The fact that I do not trust riding bikes fast on the road in Thailand after having many years of riding fast bikes in the Uk and have managed to avoid serious injury I just do not trust the Thai drivers who don't even look before pulling out at junctions ,
    I looked at various bikes but to enjoy the bike fully it needs to be very near the bikes limit for me which on a road bike this would not be possible and unless you ride on track days in Thailand I can't see you could get anywhere near unless you have a sixth sence but get me off road away from Traffic and the Klx 250 with the free snip job gives the most smiles you could wish for and after 2 years of 90% of road biking I can't see another bike giving me this much fun and I can still get it to wheelie from 1st to 3rd on standard gearing .
    I always think it's better to get to the limit of the bike than have it laugh at you for getting no where near
  23. like-1.

    even i'm THAI
  24. Hi Ian,
    You posted a thread on my post about Cams head jobs etc.

    Unless you know a good Thai machine shop with racing experience, forget about it.

    I agree with Ian, go the Thai way, pipes, air box mods and ECU upgrade, then play around with the cogs, it is your choice.

    Low to mid range or top end, do you want to sit all day on 10,000 revs? or do you want to sit on the sweet spots between 7,000 and 8,000 rpm?

    The fuel range is inadequit, if you stay with the fuel injection, I reckon you buy another steel fuel tank from Kawasak (6000Bht)cut it and weld new sides to it, you would need to contour it to fit your plastics.

    Or simply carry a plastic 5 lt container on the back, there are plenty of after market containers on the market.

    No easy fix at the moment.


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