Orthpaedic Surgey in Chiangmai?

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  1. Barry Neves

    Barry Neves Ol'Timer

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend any hospital other than Chiangmai Ram for further surgery on a leg fracture following motorcycle accident or is CMR the sole option. (Leg was pinned at CMR but not particularly well! )Cheers - Barry
  2. michaels

    michaels Ol'Timer

    At Rajavei (spelling?), the hospital opposite the holliday inn, there
    is a doctor working monday/friday evening. I have not had any
    surgery (yet), but was quite impressed with him, both
    his knowledge (verified what he said onthe Internet later)
    and his english.

    I had my ACL missdiagnosed twice in my homecountry (Norway),
    one and a half year ago after an accident at the gym. The doctors
    in norway said it was almost certainly not torn, rather just strongly
    stretched, and should heal up, but may take upto a year. So,
    nothing to do.

    Well, one and a half year later, that appears to be wrong.
    The doctor I refer to above did what feelt like a considerable more thorough check of my knee, spooke excellent english, and outlined my options, without any push for surgerey whatsoever (which seems to be
    a popular complain about CMR).

    I don't have his name, but I belive he's the only orthoped (?)
    working those times, possibly the only one in the hospital?
    A dark, tall, handsome fellow. ;-) Said he was gonna be gone
    a week or something for the asian games, don't remember

    I've been to that hospital a few times, mostly due to minor boxing-related
    injuries (some stiches, some checking for broken toes, etc). and
    have always been happy with the doctors I've met.

    I am only a layman, but that's my small experience.
  3. rhiekel

    rhiekel Ol'Timer

    I personally would not set foot in CMR hospital. Had some very poor experiences there. Not sure about the other hospitals here in CM. If your leg is important to you, I would suggest flying down to Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok. Top notch in all aspects. Dr. Chanarong there did a very complex shoulder reconstruction on me that came out perfect.
  4. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    I've heard directly and indirectly, a number of cases where Bumrungrad has not provided the best of service. Yet, it is one of the best staffed (and costly) hospitals in Thailand. However, a referral, such as Rhiekel's positive experience with Dr. Chanarong should be given due consideration.

    For orthoppedic surgery, I'd suggest also considering the Somdej Prapinklao Hospital, in BKK. They seem to specialize in orthopedic work.
    I had knee surgery performed by one of their MD's, Dr Prachan Banchasuek who is a Thai MD and Navy Captain. The doc also did post grad studies at the Univ of Pittsburgh and later did a Fellowship in Sports Med at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    If you're not satisfied check with Dr Sudhee at his clinic on the super near Wat Ched Yot.

    Sudhee's had heaps of rave reports on this board & by fellow GT Riders.

    What's the score with your bike accident -when & where?
    What was the trip?
  6. Barry Neves

    Barry Neves Ol'Timer

    Many thanks for all your kind and very helpful replies guys. Very much appreciated and a great help - Kind regards - Barry Neves
  7. globalgypsy

    globalgypsy Ol'Timer

    Hope it all worked out for you by now. If you are still looking for an Orthopedic Surgeon, there was a really good one at Laana Hospital. He fixed up my wive's broken collarbone four years ago, when everyone else only pocked and prodded it to the point of Mon wanting to kill them all.

    Not sure about his name though, sorry.
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Just been speaking with Dr Sudhee the GT Rider orthopaedic guru, & for emergency orthopaedic & trauma surgery he recommends Dr Anupong Tel 0898529625. Dr Anupong practises at Ram & also Lanna Hospital. Only call for real emergencies with serious broken bones & trauma (no kid's stuff). Get admitted to either Ram or Lanna & have Dr Anupong called to the hospital.

    Dr Sudhee claims he is too old for emergency work nowadays, but he is head of a consulting team with Dr Anupong. They often work / consult on cases together.

    Dr Sudhee will not interfer with treatment already started by another doctor.
    Once you are out of hospital, check with him & he can / will advise in perfect English what has / will go on. Sudhee probably has the best physio-therapist in North Thailand at his clinic & she is well worth consulting for post op treartment & recovery.

    Dave Dirty consulted Sudhee & had a perfect English explanation of his injuries & recomended therapy. Something he missed in Lanna hospital.

    Sudhee (& clinic staff) has also tentatively agreed to a GT Rider patients' dinner next month. (Maybe we can all roll up with crutches & slings for a laugh.)
  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    There's another patient on the way?
  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Talking to Sudhee last night while collecting his Chiang Mai Toy Ride donation, he reminded me that this year he is 67, so
    1. No more emergency cases
    2. He no longer operates on anything difficult
    3. Use Dr Anupong Tel 0898529625 (emergency only) for accident trauma cases. Get admitted to Ram Hospital Tel 053224851 & have them call the good doctor.
    4. Use Dr Kanit at Ram for broken wrist / hands.
    5. He's semi-retired & only doing consultancy work at his clinic for "something to do."
  11. dellboy218

    dellboy218 Active Member

    Just bumped into Dr. Sudhee in the Chiang Mai Ram this morning and he advises that he has sold his clinic and that he works out of the Ram a couple of days a week, I think he mentioned Monday and Thursday, this is his next step towards full retirement. I am sure many will miss his clinic.
  12. nikster

    nikster Ol'Timer

    Had very good experience with a orhtopedic surgeon at Sri Pat university hospital; forgot his name but he's a young-ish guy and impressed me by getting everything right on my wife's knee. he was also really attentive during recuperation, checking up on her regularly - you can tell he really cares.

    We were recommended to him by a locally famous orthorpedic surgeon - also forgot his name of course but his clinic is on Ta Pae road on the left hand side going from the narativat bridge towards TP Gate. We initially wanted him to do the surgery of course as he's the best in CM but I think he kind of deemed it not critical enough to do it himself; Anyway we were in the end really happy with recommendation and with the guy at Sri Pat. Very professional.

    Oh I should also mention what is much less professional at Sri Pat is the ward... jesus. My wife about to go into surgery, I am suddenly ordered to go to the 7/11 downstairs and purchase ice so she can keep the wound cool afterwards.... small moment of panic... they don't have ice here??? where am I?. But everything turned out well in the end, and the doc was great. TiT!

    Since there's a Doc with a very good reputation at Rajaved and the one at Sri Pat, and the one on TP Road for complicated cases, I'd avoid RAM. RAM will overcharge you.

    I've also heard some other stories about the RAM that were less than savory... nothing first hand apart from the overcharging so I'll leave it at that...
  13. johnnysneds

    johnnysneds Ol'Timer

    I've just had some idiot mess up my arm twice at Ram, tonight when I attended a check up he tried to hide an X-ray that showed a significant bone separation until I demanded he show me the X-ray again then he started waffling nonsense stating that the gap was ok, 2.4mm!!! two weeks ago he said 2mm was too much and he'd need to re operate and put what looks like a big self tapper in. The scary thing is this was on a bone that he sawed in half to gain access to the elbow joint. Sorry forget his name but will post his name later so you all can be aware. I will be steering well clear of Ram from now on however I will seek some advise with Sudhee this week if I can. Now searching for someone to screw me back together properly before its too late!!!
    quite surprised to see this thread this evening, has been very helpful.
  14. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    Johnny, I recently had a complete knee replacement. We first went along to CM Ram, had some x-rays done and spoke with the surgeon on duty at the time. He was a very pleasant guy and spoke perfect English. However, when I asked some relevant questions about the procedure he kept telling me to go and look on the internet. I left there thinking I could have stayed home and done that. Not happy with the thought of such a person cutting me up I started to do my own research, talking to people and through Thai Visas forum which was a big help. I eventually came up with a Surgeon whose details I will put below who by many is considered one of the best leading orthopedic surgeons not just in CM but all of Thailand. I made an appointment to see him , was totally satisfied with him and 3 days later was scheduled to have the operation. He has a clinic just around the corner from Rajaveet Hospital and prefers to work out of this hospital. His clinic is open from 5:30pm most afternoons. When I asked him which Hospital had the better private care facilities such as rooms etc., he made no secret that Ram was the better place and that it was no problem for him to do it there which is what I did. In my opinion his work and aftercare service was first class. Before doing anything further I suggest you go see him , I believe he is as good as it gets. He can operate out of any hospital of your choice. Dr Chanakarn Phornphutkul , 407/2 Charoenphrathet Road , 053204545
  15. johnnysneds

    johnnysneds Ol'Timer

    Thanks for this info Schackster
    Sounds like you initially spoke to the same guy I got to operate on me. He liked to show pictures on his iPad from the Internet, I reckon I could have done a better job using YouTube!
    Interestingly the doctor you recommend I have a friend who recently had surgery with the same guy and the end results wasn't up to scratch. He did indicate though that he was up front with everything at all times and talked straight ( no bullshit). I have an appointment with Sudhee in the morning and ill try this guy in the afternoon for a second opinion and see how things work out.

    much obliged for your input.
  16. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    Good luck with it all. I didn't go to Sudhee simply because he no longer operates. I figured it was better to focus on the actual guy who was going to perform the procedure
  17. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Hi Johnny,
    Hell sorry to hear they Buggered up Your Arm! As I hadn't heard from You for a while I just presumed You were back in Action again! Keep Us all Posted and Best of Luck with getting it right this time! I am sure lots of Guys will be keen to know as much as possible so should any of Us strike misfortune at least We may be able to avoid some of the misfortune You have had to endure!
  18. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear about the bad experience Johnny, when I broke my shoulder in Hongsa in 2007 I made it back to Cnx & got to see Sudhee at his clinic on the Sunday jmorning. The accident was Friday afternoon.
    On the Saturday night the pain got too great & I had to go to Ram hospital, hopefully just for a jab, to see me through the next few hours until I could see Sudhee. The duty orthopaedic doc at Ram tried to get me in for an emergency life saving operation, so he claimed, but I refused saying that I had survived for 36 hrs already & could wait another 4 hrs to see Sudhee at his clinic. I won, got a strong jab & was at Sudhee's clinic at 8AM.
    Sudhee was appalled that the doc at Ram tried to get me in for emergency surgery, as he said in his opinon it would never work & was only a money making exercise, that would require several operations & intensive long term therapy for it to have any chance of succeeding. And he knew me well after 20 years, said don't waste your money or time David. I believed him. Got a plaster put on & a couple of months later, & maybe 4,000 baht poorer, I was back on the bike. The arm aint perfect - it certainly is a bit wonky, but it took a hell of a beating. Mashed to pulp claimed Sudhee, the worst crushed humerus he had ever seen.

    He was furious with the doc at Ram, & whilst I was in the clinic rang Ram to find out who he was & gave him an ear bashing. A very dangerous operation just for financial means. Unethical & unnecessary.

    That's the brilliance of Sudhee - he takes the time to explain everything & honestly lets you know what the options are. What is the best value for money.
    Having been the North's leading orthopaedic surgery teacher he also knows which doctors to recommended for which ops.

    He operated on my son, 18 years ago.
    Plus looked after me in 95 after the bus crash, emergency transfer from Uttaradit hospital to Lanna.
    Fixed a broken ankle.
    Fixed a broken wrist - "fell apart" & needed a triple joint fusion.
    Fixed a crushed - broken humerus in 2007.

    He also saved the Snail "David Lek"'s life after his BMW car crash near Nakhon Sawan many years ago. Left leg totally crushed, in ICU for 3 weeks & several operations to rebuild his leg. In the end the Snail only lost half his big toe! An unbelievable story.

    So yes sir, Dr Sudhee has been the GTR orthopaedic god - angel for many years. However as time flies by, his services will one day no longer be available: & it will indeed be a sad day when I / we can no longer consult him.

    In the meantime I'm sure that anyone who gets to consult him will be highly impressed with his honesty & plus diagnosis & prognosis.
    3 Cheers for Dr Sudhee.
  19. johnnysneds

    johnnysneds Ol'Timer

    Had an appointment with Dr Sudhee this morning. All I can say is awesome, what a wealth of experience and knowledge and a gentleman, I wish I had known and consulted him before my second op. He ordered several X-rays from angles that hadn't been taken or asked for previously by the other doc. No 3rd op required and he did say I didn't really require the second one! The bone fixation isn't perfect but he did say there was def bone fusion/contact and it would mend. The previous doc failed to interpret the X-rays correctly and was costly for me by having to go through another unnecessary operation and possibly a third. Result for sure.
    A real sense of humour too, asked me to take it easy with the missus for a while wink wink and at the end of the consultancy asked if I wanted to come back and see him in a month or jokingly asked if I wanted to see the other guy and lose my arm! hahahaha brilliant.
    Stroll on 4 weeks, can't wait for my next appointment with him

    PS- the information/recommendations from Sudhee has just been backed up/confirmed by UK Ortho specialists through my health plan.
  20. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Glad to Hear it Johnny. Good Luck and hopefully You will be back in Action soon!
  21. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry for the Missing images
    But just a note to say that Dr Sudhee is finally retiring.
    His last day at his Ram Hospital Clinic Thursday 29 September.
    If anyone wants to send a gift - fruit basket / bouquet of flowers I'm sure he will get a thrill out of it.

    Edited to include a pic of the good Dr
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  22. DavidFL

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  23. DavidFL

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    For a few weeks now I've been having trouble with my left knee, so with Dr Sudhee retired now it's time to look for another bone doctor.

    The best guy I could turn up is
    Dr Chanakarn Phornphukul, M.D.

    an orthopaedic knee specialist teaching at Suan Dok Hospital, plus with a clinic
    GTR - IMG_8041.JPG
    GPS Waypoint: N18 46.028 E99 00.117


    A consultation + X-ray+ cortisone injection + some pills fora week = 900 baht.
    Top value for money.

    The culprit
    an old war horse of an arthritic knee with only 2 good functioning ligaments.
    Life goes on.....keep the power on!
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