OT: where to buy a mattress in Chiang Mai?

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  1. Hi, first let me apologize for the off topic post. I just arrived, I am staying with friends, but my room is without a bed. We went by Airport Plaza, but they wanted like 12k baht for a twin mattress. If this is what I have to pay for a mattress, then so be it, but I figured that maybe there was somewhere like an outlet that has better prices than the mall.

    Any help would be appreciated.. even if the help is only to tell me that the mall prices are the prices I'll have to pay. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've seen mattresses in Tesco Lotus. No Idea about prices though.
  3. You can buy mattresses here for around 2000 Baht (I am sure someone else will pop up and say even less), and you can buy ones for over 40,000 Baht, sometimes even in the same shop. As usual you get what you pay for, and the malls are not always more expensive for good quality mattresses. I paid 22,000 for a mattress 5 years ago in Khon Kaen and it was very much heavier, but no more comfortable than the one I bought here in CM for 8,000 Baht. I bought in a specialist furniture shop on Superhighway frontage road, past the big Index shop heading Lampang direction, but before Makro. Both Index and Makro have them for sale as well, so that is not such a bad area to look. We spend a long time in bed, or at least I do, so it is worth a few extra baht for quality.
  4. Cool, thanks for the replies. I am currently sleeping on a (thai) couch, and I thought I would be in a big rush to get a real mattress asap, but the stiff cushions are actually not bad... I guess the problem with sleeping on most couches is that they are far too soft. No back aches yet, so I'll just rough it for now and keep my eyes open when I'm in the different areas mentioned.
  5. Oh, and it's pink! Exactly what I was hoping to find!
  6. Maybe it was full of money! Wish I had seen it!

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