Other good MC forums in the region?

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  1. Anyone know other good forum for the Thailand area? I am looking to sell my bike.

    This one has low traffic.

    The most viewed post is

    SINGAPORE Bike Shops by Rhodie » 30.11.2007, 19:13 with 7313 views in 2years and 7 month circa avreage of 7 views a day
  2. Strange , one might construe your comment as saying this site no good... I'd be more concerned about the number of responses rather than the number of views/statistics.

    You should post your bike here , it may be just what someone is looking for .

    You could also try bahtsold & thaivisa
  3. Thanks for the reply, already posted there. I was hoping for one or two others I might have missed.

    It might be REALLY off-season right now even for motorcycles :roll:
  4. MOCYC and HD Playground. But then, let's be honest, there is a striking relationship between overpriced or substandard ads (lacking basic info from i) Green Book to ii) miles on the clock - I'm guilty of that one myself, except I honestly don't know whether 44397 is the true mileage on a late 1980s bike I'm advertising.

    Few or no responses tell me I placed a bad ad or got the price all wrong. Watch how quickly you will get responses on a good ad with an attractive price!

    As to the website and traffic, do you want quality or quantity?

    GTR is fantastic - but then, are you just here to sell something, without reading any of the trip reports etc.? Your loss!

    To me, GTR is like having a beer with a few good friends vs renting a tent for 1000 people and announcing free beer to the unknown crowd.

    When I screwed up posting pictures, others stepped in and did it for me. and I'm not telling how much time David FL spent helping this computing Neanderthal. Don't you think the Golden Triangle Rider has better things to do? But then, he cares and his website is leaving all the rest!

    There is an equilibrium for your bike. Advertise it well and get the price right and it will sell.


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