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Oudom Xai Restaurants

Discussion in 'Restaurants - Laos' started by DavidFL, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Siso Bakery




    Run by Lae & her Mum Mrs Some Xay.
    Wonderful warm friendly people - as sweet as.
    Delicious food - breads / cookies / baguettes / coffee.

    The south end of town
    between the PTT petrol station & the airport turn off.
    East (left) side heading south.
    GPS Waypoint: N20 41.178 E101 59.246


    I met the guys from Malaysia
    1 Versys
    2 Hayabusas
    1 Pegaso
    here & we had a great time chatting & eating.


    A GT Rider breakfast at the Siso Bakery in Oudom Xai.


    Highly recommended as the breakfast & lunch spot in Oudom Xai.
  2. Siso has moved across the street & 80 metres south / further out of town, right by the police box & roundabout to the airport.
    GPS Waypoint: N20 41.141 E101 59.255
  3. Very sad to say Siso is no more.
  4. Breakfast..there's not much around.

    The Cafe Sinouk in the Charming Lao hotel has a half decent one for a price.

    indoors dining


  5. The best & "only" food spot in Oudom Xai to go now is Mrs Kanya's.


    It's actually not easy to get a decent meal in OX now, but everyone will tell you the place to go is Mrs Kanya's.
    The place is quite big
    & its packed every night with long tables that everyone seems to join in on & share.
    All the tour companies stop here.
    I took some photos last trip, but unfortunately lost them; so today it was only a whistle stop for some somtam & a fried rice - you have to keep the troops happy.


    but now you know; in Oudom Xai hit Mrs Kanya's.

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