1. Hi All,
    a friend and I are currently in Chiang Mai riding about in Northern Thailand and will be in Asia for the next couple of months. I've started a blog with some photos and videos from our trip so far. If anyone wants to take a look I've just added todays post about the Samoeng Loop that we rode today.



  2. Hi Neil,
    Can i ask what camera you use please? THe photos on your blog are great.
    Obviously thats down to skill and not just the camera, but curious about what you generally use and what settings work for you.
    Im a real novice with a camera, but wish to learn more techniques..nothing hardcore, just amateur decent shots.
    I currently have a Canon G11 with standard lens.
    Grateful for any tips you might have.
    Great blog. :thumbup:
  3. I had a trip through Laos and Nth Thailand last year with a big full frame camera and assorted lenses,took great photos but had the mirror lock up a few times due to the vibration from some of the rough roads I traveled on,so for me mirrorless is the way to go...
    Nothing wrong with the camera you have Zoe...


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