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    Hey everyone

    Here is a link to our latest video on Youtube from Myanmar. We are the only moto tour company currently operating in Burma and have been providing this unique touring experience since 2010. The latest group, our 3rd organized tour, was composed of 8 riders from the USA, UK, Oz, and Hong Kong. With all the recent developments in Burma, the 2013 season is looking to be the busiest ever. If you have any questions or would like to register your interest to join a tour, please email me at [email protected] or you can PM thru the forum. We are launching our dedicated web site, www.myanmar-motorcycle-tours.com next week and will update as it is online.

    We hope that you enjoy the video and wish everyone in Myanmar continued success and happiness as they embark on a period of serious change and reform. Even if you can't visit on a bike, we hope that everyone will view this and pass it along to friends to encourage more focus on this truly deserving and very untouched nation.

    ring-a ding-ding!!!!

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    Nice Video. Looked like a Fun Trip on the Trusty Oil Burners! Good stuff!

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