Our six day ride around Northern Thailand

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  1. Hi everyone,
    First of all, it was nice meeting fellow riders at the Kafe. Thank you for the invite.

    We recently closed our restaurant in Chiang Dao for a week and went riding. (Sometimes, we just have to remember what's important in life [:)])
    We started off by riding from Chiang Dao to -Mae Ai - Tha Ton - Mae Sai. Stopped for a quick border stamp and then carried on to the Golden Triangle and later spent the night in Chiang Saen.
    Next morning, we started by riding to Chiang Khong - Thoeng - Pa Daet - PhaYao - Wang Nua, ending up at Chae Hom for the night.

    Next morning, we went to our daughters "Children's Day in Chae Hom and from there wrote past Lampang to Den Chai and from there we were on our way to Si Satchananalai. About an hour before getting there, we seen what seemed to be a broken down chopper behind a pick up truck, so we stopped to see if we could lend a hand loading it onto the truck.
    Turned out that the truck was a Chase Truck for the "Black Rabbit" motorcycle club, from Chiang Rai, and that they were only stopped to wait for their brothers. We talked a bit and the friendly Black Rabbit members invited us to a bike night in Si Satchananalai. After their brothers caught up, we all went to the event.

    It was lots of fun. Free food and booze for everyone, plus a band playing cool Carabou tunes. Turned out that one of the fathers of another motorcycle club member had lost his son and in his memory wanted to throw a free bash for everyone. There were at least 5 or 6 clubs present. It was a very friendly athmosphere and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.

    Lateron, we stayed in a nearby motel, where some of the other clubs where staying as well. In the morning, we were all invited to a free breakfast at one of the local hotels. From there all of us rode down to the local Childrens day event, so the kids could look at and sit on our bikes. It was definitely a highlight of our trip.

    Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and rode on to the ruins near Si Satchanalai and really enjoyed exploring them for a few hours. From there, we rode on past Sukothai and over to Mae Sot, where we spent the night in a really old hotel, that was all done in teak and really cool looking.

    In the morning, we started out for Mae Sariang. On our way there, we rode past the Burmese refuge camps in the hills to the left, which my wife had never seen before. We got into Mae Sariang around three in the afternoon, got ourselves a room by the river and then had a nice meal and a few drinks at Goodview Restaurant, overlooking the river.

    Next day, we rode back to Chiang Mai, taking the 108 up all the way past Hot. We spend two days in Chiang Mai, because we wanted to meet some of you guys at your night out at the Kafe.

    It was a nice break from the daily grind at the restaurant and guesthouse. We want to take off again, but duty calls and except for Wednesdays, which is our regular day off, we will probably remain open now until after Songkran.

    Sorry, no pics. We are not really into the touristy, taking picture thingy. Even though, I have some regrets about it now, because there were a couple of really nice places, such as the big buddha at the Golder Triangle and the Refuge camps between Mae Sot and Mae Sariang.

    There is still a few bad stretches of road construction...one between Wang Nua and Chae Hom, another long one between Mae Sot and Mae Sariang. The road between Chiang Mai and Chiang Dao (hgw. 107), is getting a lot better. I counted a total of 3.2km that were not paved on that road, but it was all packed solid that day, with no slippery gravel. One place had a few potholes to watch out for, otherwise a good road now.

    As for the hotels, I still have the same complaint most places. No spring mattresses. My back is still killing me a few days later and it's good to be home again. (I also missed my Warsteiner and Erdinger Weissbier)[:D]

    So we are back. Very busy at the moment, but I always have a few minutes to say hello to fellow riders who drop in. So if you need to take a break, wipe the bugs from your shades, use the toilet or have a free glass of water to cool off, you are always welcome to do that here.
  2. Nice trip report, Kurt, thanks! Especially I enjoyed the part about the encounter with the Black Rabbits and the bash in Si Satchananalai. The spirit still lives!!
    What stretch of road along this trip is your favorite, what would you recommend fellow bikers to do as well?
    Next chance we'll look you up in Chiang Dao!
  3. I would have to say that the stretch between Mae Sot and Mae Sariang was my favorite, because I love to look at all the burmese refuge camps in the hills. What a site, whow. However, one could bypass Mae Sot, I think and miss the first part of the Mae Sot - Mae Sariang Road, because the first partm, leaving Mae Sot, was nothing to write home about. My wife and I were also not impressed with Mae Sot. Just another dirty city, in both of our opinions.
  4. You mentioned a long patch of construction exactly on that stretch. What part is it that other riders should try to avoid and yet not miss the scenic part of the ride, Kurt?
  5. I mean, next time, I will avoid Mae Sot all together and will go straight from Tak up highway 1175, which will join highway 105 at Mae Manat, heading North to Mae Sariang. That way, you see all the beautiful places (in my opinion) and missing all the crap from Mae Sot to Mae Ramat. I think that you will still hit the construction thought, but...."Life is not easy" ;-)

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