Outdated (really chaep) Shark helmets...

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  1. Hi all,

    I came across a bunch of Shark full face helmets at a really low price (3.900THB.) at that shop across from Suriwong book store in Chiang Mai. On enquiry the owner told me the helmets are over 5 years old and outdated.

    I'm posting this, not as a recommendation for anyone to get themselves one of these helmets since it could be potentially dangerous, but because i would like to hear your opinions on the subject.

    I know some manufacturers doesn't have any "best before date" on their products, others do.

    Personally i wouldn't buy a helmet that a knew was outdated.

    What's your take on this?

    Edit, Edit... realized that i stated the price 1000 THB. lower that it should be. Been corrected now... sorry.
  2. I am not sure on the Date issue but I do know Shark are a Great helmet, I have one! I might call in and have a look if they have a Dirt Helmet for Me? I did read once You should only use a Helmet for X amount of time but can't remember the details? I normally change mine once the lining starts to deteriorate or get shabby? If The "out of date" Helmets have been stored in a Box without any Exposure to anything I wouldn't have thought there safety would have been compromised? Maybe He means that the Graphics or Colours are outdated? For that Price they would be a Bargain for a Genuine Shark!
  3. Thanks for the input.

    I definitely got the feeling that he meant outdated, as in past best before date.
    And yes, he did have a bunch moto-X lids too... Let me know what you think of them if you go check them out please.
  4. Outdated means an old design, not "past best before date", although they might be both. It will still protect your head better than a Index I would think and they are not selling them under false pretences, so I don't really see what the problem is.
  5. I had heard the foam in the helmet, which is designed to distort on impact, can age and not provide the same level of impact resistance that it would when newer.
  6. The issue is far more important for helmets that have been used beyond their 'use by date' than for helmets that are 'new old stock'...

    While the 'outgassing' of the foam and shell changes the properties somewhat in a NOS the change to performance is only marginal...

    Helmets that have been used for years, absorb sweat and chemicals from the skin, which significantly changes the construction of the foam, and also become loose around the head in areas where then need to be firm...

    Even if treated with care, a helmet that has been used for a long time will have taken a few hits that will reduce the integrity of the shell... but the condition of the foam inside is most important...
  7. I will also say, that helmet2home that shop mentioned in the OP, has really good pricing on HJC helmets, so much so they are only a few baht more than real brand, and while Real have got better, and think they make an ok dirt / motard helmet, the HJC just feels much nicer fit and finish for a full face roadie type helmet.

    Have to ask the bloke tho, the girls in there gave me 2 prices and the fella corrected that down to LOT lower than they started without any request for discount and haggle.
  8. I agree. I have been in here at least half a dozen times and I only deal with the owner, SooTee. He is a nice guy and I have never had a problem in the least with him or his prices.
    Also, I have never haggled with the ladies in the shop as their prices are higher.

    If you don't see something in the shop just ask him. His storage area is HUGE in the back and he works miracles.

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