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  1. I saw the above bike, black colour and very similar in appearance to my own D tracker, in the small soi at the end of Thapae Rd near to the big second hand book shops. Anyone know the owner? Reason I ask is the seat on this bike was a beaut. Was it custom made here in C Mai? All pictures I've seen of this bike show a seat almost identical to the standard D Tracker but this one looked real comfortable. Would love to know where it was done.
  2. Hello Steve,

    Seen the DRZ I think, but haven't met the owner.

    At least 4 D-Trackers in Chiang Mai, which I know of, have changed our original seats. Had mine done twice to get it done right, slightly different than what I’ve pictured in this thread - https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorcycle-forum/d-tracker-seat-t5323.html. Four days, 1500 km, mixed surfaces, done in comfort just before New Years.
  3. I looked at the thread for D tracker seats and will probably end up at the place done yours or the one for johnadda. But this was a lovely job for a double seat and my wife will still haul herself up on the back if I can give her a bit more comfort. It was just an off chance I could find this guy. The helmet had an American sticker on it so I reckon its a westerner.
  4. I have a DRZ400 SM and had the seat done in Chiang Mai, Wulai Road.
    For more details please have a look below (number 8 on the list "TEE GAN BOH").

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... -t633.html

    You say "this one looked real comfortable"... This is a bit enthusiastic but it's a big improvement indeed.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks for that Pee. I'll get around to looking at that place soon. Its a funny old thing, you see a job that looks good but its only by putting your own arse on that seat and riding it for a few hours that you find out if its comfortable or not. I've had bicycles for years and never yet found a saddle comfortable. Maybe it'll be the same for m'bikes. Perhaps you have to just toughen up the backside!

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