Pai loop

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  1. Rode Chiang-mai, Wat Chan, Pai, return Chiang-Mai last week on a Yamaha TDM-850. Paved to near Mae Khan then good graded dirt to Wat Chan. North of Wat Chan 40 or so kms of rutted dirt road then a couple sections new pavement with dirt and constuction between into Pai. All in all not to bad, would not do it when wet though...About 7hrs round trip. Cheers Peter

    peter c.
  2. Last weekend on my way to Pai I noticed the boys with the black stuff (tarmac) putting the final touches to one of the many bends that are susceptible to mud slides. They seem to have been working on these bends for many years. Sadly the following day on my return journey I saw that all their hard work had been in vain as yet another mud slide had covered this section. All we can do is hope, however if there are any seriously wealthy bikers out there - could you please sort out these sections as it spoils what has to be one of Asia's most 'spankable' roads.
  3. Jake...that should last until the next rainy season. Seems like they patch it up every year, only to have the same mudslides and washouts ruin the work again and again due to the poor engineering of the road cuts.

    By the way, regarding the section between Wat Chan and Pai, it looks like they are doing some major roadworks there. Last weekend, it was difficult to pass in some sections due to the grading and heaps of loose soil. Hope they get this one finished before it starts raining again.

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