Pai to Soppong slippery and dangerous

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    David visited me yesterday and mentioned the road is slippery with damp and maybe tree sap on the roads coming up to the view point between Pai and Soppong on the Mae Hong Son Loop

    I have just ridden to Soppong from Pai (and vice versa) and can confirm it is bloody slippery under the shadows and in the sun so be careful anyone planning on riding the MHS loop soon.

    On the return trip my back wheel was sliding a lot so I slowed down a tad and let 2 cars driving like A holes passed me. The last car twisted like a top in a tight left hander carrering into the car in front who had taken the corner wide and slowed virtually to a stop. Oil was spewed all over the left lane. I stopped to assist where I could and we covered the oil with sand and dust and placed some warning branches well before the bend.

    I then pulled away from the scene when 2 more lunatics came by (who saw the aftermath of the accident) with one overtaking probably in 5th Gear heading towards a blind bend only to meet a pick up full of Lahu hill tribe. He scraped down the side bouncing off the hill tibe truck and carried on regardless.

    I now the old joke.."Never had an accident but witnessed thousands" but honest it was nothing to do with me Guv.

    Go careful, the road is just recovering from Bangkok Thais still brewing in New year Cheer unable to corner an Isuzu so hence, we are left with lots of shiny bends to take on!

    On a seperate note....Anyone interested in a virtually brand new set of 2 peice leathers please contact me. Never sacraped, 18 months old and looking like brand new. For the life of me I cant remember the make but they cost 500 Pounds (british) new and Suitable for the larger framed person. They are currently at Jonadda Guest House any offers mail me!
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    They aren't mine! I am selling them for a freind. And yes he never cornered hard hence he has got a virtually brand new looking set of leathers.

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