Pailin to Koh Kong (the Cardamoms)

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  1. Hi folks

    I was just reading one of California Jim's threads and saw that a couple of people had enquired about the trip through the cardamoms from Pailin to Koh Kong.

    Myself and five friends did the journey over Khmer New Year (mid April) as part of a week-long 1700km jaunt around the country. It took two days including a stop in Prao Mouy (spelling???), a tiny village in Veal veng district (and often mistakenly known as Veal Veng).

    I'll post a detailed report of the Cardamoms section together with my thoughts on whether you should try it next dry season (if there's anything left of the "road" by then) in a couple of days, but in the meantime here's a link to some photos of the trip (including 3 or 4 that will give you a sense of the road conditions in the mountains).

    Just copy the (ridiculously long) link below and paste into your browser address window and it should take you to the pictures, which are hosted on ... emberguest

    I'll be back with full details in a day or two...

  2. sorry am having trouble with this URL link - basically miss out the first half and start at http://home1...... and it should work

  3. Tim
    Could you explain again that link to the pictures.I cannot seem to access it.
    Looking forward to your trip report
  4. Hi Bill

    To access the Nikonnet site, highlight the URL in my earlier message but miss out the first bit - in other words start at http://home1... and highlight all the rest of the URL.

    Then paste it into your browser address window and hit ENTER and it should work OK.

  5. Hi Tim
    No problem accessing the website this time.Great pictures.
  6. I'm still waiting for a trip report over here.

    Throw me a bone, for crying out loud(PLEASE!!!). I'm hoping to do this ride this winter, so...
  7. Greetings from Hidden Cambodia Dirt Bike Tours, Siem Reap.

    We have brought groups through a few times and its an amazing ride, only for the fit and well abled and those with a steady mind!!! The third day or the second day through the Cardamoms is the worst. Over one mountain to a valley to a bridge to water and the same again, all day until Koh Kong. The tour goes, SR to Battembong/Pailin to Veal Veang to Koh Kong, to Kampong Som to Bokor to Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, 7 days, 6 nights.

    We looked at going through again with another group who were really interested to go in November 04 but we all decided against it. There still time to changed based on more reports but we felt for the moment it was too high risk. After calls to the local police in Veal Veng and other contacts, they advised against it, With particularly heavy rains this year (it seems to never stop in the Cardamoms), the river are high, some bridges have been swept away
    and geetting accros rivers could involved bikes on ropes!

    We are looking at the Cardamoms again for February 2005, our usual time for going.

    Ride Free, Ride Safe into the Hidden Cambodia
  8. Although I'd love to join the rally(and still may), I'm really hoping to do the ride in late January with a buddy who'll be tagging along for a month(I'll be over for 3). Considering this year's rainy season, what are the chances that the rivers will be passable then, pretty good?
  9. Chicagonaut,

    I am interested in doing the Cardomons around that time. Either early Jan or Early Feb, does this fit with your plans?

  10. LaudJohn,

    I'm flying into the region(BKK) Jan 12 with a friend. He flies back to Chicago on Feb 13, so we were looking at probably the last week of Jan or the 1st week of Feb for the ride. If this fits your plans we should definitely join forces, let me know.
  11. Should be ok but its nearly better to be on the other side or end of Feb. Best would be to put in a call, if at all possible, and check with the guys in veal veng to get some bacground info before heading out. .

    Ride Free, Ride Safe into the Hidden Cambodia

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