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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Muzz, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. A bit bike unrelated here, but does anybody know of a reliable paint shop in Chiang Mai, as the van that I will be using to get my dirtbikes around in, needs a respray. It's a Chevrolet G-20 ( big clumsy American thing) I have taken all the seats and most of the interior out so I can keep a couple of bikes inside....

    Again, many thanks......
  2. Hi Muzz,
    Not to sound Biased but my Brother-in-law is Samarn Karn Chang. He has the Big Panel Beaters Spray Painters just behind Rim Ping by the TAT Office. They have large Spray Booths and make good Paint Jobs. You can call his Son-In-Law who is managing the place now Call Dong on 081-6999906 . He is Educated in the States so speaks Fluent English & Thai. You can say Ian sent you but best you look at their Shop yourself get a few prices for comparision and form your own opinion. Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.
  3. Hi Friends,

    If you change from initial color, do not forget to amend your Green Book. Down here they request the color of the vehicle to be the same as the one indicated on the book.
  4. Cheers for that Ian, I will give him a call. Thanks Azoulay, noted and I will go into this. The Van is registered in Bangkok, but as the Van is in CM I want to re-register it in CM and change the colour, so I am not sure how much hassle I am in for!!!!
  5. Hi Muzz, I had this once done with a motorcycle at the Chonburi transportation office, I informed them during relocation of the motorbike that the colour had changed, they anyway had a look at the bike, important to them were only engine- and much more the frame number. Change of colour was entered into the book without any hassles. Rgds, Franz
  6. Thanks for the info Franz....
  7. Hi Friends,

    You are right for the hassle free, I did NOT say it's a hassle, I said you have better to do it, but agree a small and easy hassle free admin work, we most of the time ignore in Europe but seems to be important down here.


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