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  1. Can recommend Sang Aroun Hotel on Hwy 13 near middle of town. Bit pricey at $31 USD but far better value than those mentioned in "well known" travel guides. Modern, clean etc etc. Good base to explore the Bolaven Plateau.
  2. Feb 2011
    Can highly recommend the new Khamfong Hotel




    Apologies for the missing room photos.
    But the rooms are smart, clean, with TV aircon, good hot water pressure & quiet.
    The undercover parking is very good.
    Excellent value for money @ 120,000 kip a night.

    On the March 2009 GT Rider Pakxe city map, the Khamfong is next to the Nalin Tha Chaleun hotel & behind the the Seng Aroun.
    GPS Waypoint: N15 07.375 E105 48.015.
  3. Stay at the Sang Aroun Hotel at your own risk. Two years ago I stayed here. As the mobile coverage was so good I left my company sat phone and various other belongings with the hotel while I traveled around before spending the last night back at the hotel. lighten the load after a kayaking trip at the 4,000 islands.

    Get back and check in, ask for my bags.. My bags with belongings were gone.. The hotel claimed they gave them to the wrong person and they will send someone to intercept the bus to Vientiane.

    Next morning more excuses and more excuses.. A Lao Kiwi guy working across the road offered to help and spoke with them.. We had to leave to return to Bangkok.. More stone walling from Bangkok and my staff calling them speaking Thai.. Then finally they said they would pay 2,000 baht compensation...

    I said not enough.. I entrusted you with my belongings and you said they would be secure.. The phone alone was worth 1,000 USD. (The phone was immediately blocked with the provider and can never be used again - worthless to the thieves)

    After a while nothing from them, not even the 2,000 baht.. So I went on to all the various travel forums and shared this story.

    My advice would be to stay some where else or at the very least.. Don't trust them with your valuables.

  4. The Khamfong is now on the 2012 GTR Laos Pakxe city map.

    if anything the rooms might be a tad small, but the place is very quiet, clean, secure.
    Everything works as it should


    Plus the under cover off-street parking is a big winner.
    Highly recommended.

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