Panniers for Honda CBR 250 R fabricated at Somchit, Chiang Mai Airport location

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    I took a ride by Honda CNX Airport location to see if they could order OEM panniers, but there are none. I decided to then follow Captain Slash's lead and get them fabricated at Somchit (see link below for more details):
    Somchit is not easy to find. The easiest way there is heading west on Mahidol Road. With Central Airport Plaza in sight it is a left hand turn between a set of 3 or 4-story buildings. Look for red&white curb markings designating the soi. Once you make the turn you cannot miss the shop as it is nearly a full block long.

    Somchit charged 2000 baht for the job. I opted for painted steel. See thread above for chroming option.

    I visited the shop the day before and they took the design and measurements. They had the two panniers ready for installing which was set up for the following day. I dropped the bike off at 0800 and picked up at 1600.



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    These Honda CBR 250 R pannier racks are for sale at 1000 baht. They are a bit more weathered than these photos from Day 1.

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