Paraplegic wants to ride Thailand

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  1. 5 years ago, when I was thinking of a sidecar I found Roland on the internet. He recommended the sidecar that you know. Motorbike accident paraplegic. Builds his own designs, won European prices. Rides big bikes with sidecar. Pictures shows him in the Italian Alps.
    Roland wants to ride Thailand, however not this year. Cautioned him that Thailand is not very accessible for traveling handicapped people, e.g. toilets, guesthouses.
    His answer= camper possible? His wife would follow him, a camper would have bed and toilet.

    Any brain storming ideas?

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  2. I think it's an absolutely fantastic idea and it might help raise awareness among our Thai hosts about all the things handicapped people can accomplish.

    As long as he has a support vehicle I don't see why such a trip wouldn't be feasible.

    It certainly would be an honor to meet this gentlemen and ride with him!
  3. Well Tony,
    Roland says many thanks and he is looking forward to the pleasure. And he is sending his latest self-made concotion which, unfortunatelly, he cannot bring over
    PS. : Ignorant as I am on real bikes, I wouldn't even know what beast of bike that is

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  4. It's an MV Agusta F4 Pico.

    Here's more info. Not my cup of tea but an impressive piece of engineering nonetheless.
  5. Colin, first time I really get an idea how much craftmanship Roland put into this vehicle. Highly impressive!
  6. there is a Norweigan guy in Pattaya who has spinal cancer and uses a wheel chair he has a trike and gets around all over the place .he carries crutches to load the wheel chair and clips it all on the back
  7. A bit off topic, but I used to hang glide with a paraplegic back in the 70s. He had his hang glider set up with a seat and wheels and we literally used to push him off a cliff.

    Sadly he landed in the sea and drowned.

    A bit of info about him here - Wayne Blackmore.
  8. Wow! Who owns this? Is the owner a wheelchair user etc? I'm an Aussie looking at cruising around Asia over the next few years... Maybe for ever :) I've ridden Harley trikes in which I built the ass end. If any one knows of people out there that are looking at trikes or sidecars or already own them .. I'd love to chat to you and pick your brain.. Thx Wedge on Wheels.
  9. R u still on this thread? I'm a paraplegic 41 from Australia wanting to get sidecar/ trike to ride Asia also..
  10. Welcome to the forum WEDGE.

    Yes, I've just been notified of your post so others will be too.
  11. Ow, thx mate. Wow, that was fast. Cheers
    yeah, hanging to know the legalities with riding through the diffenent Asian countries. How does Registration work is just on tourist visas?

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