Part 2 - Into Cambodia

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    Part 2 - Cambodia via my Honda Win 110cc March 2011 - June 2011

    After having driven through the Mekong Delta (Part 1), I cross the border at Ha Tien between Vietnam and Cambodia with only my blue card in a vietnamese name and breezed across. No question or attempts to get bribes/fees/import duty. And the road turns from tarmac to dusty but well beaten dirt road for a good few kilometres and then turns back to tarmac or concrete roads with no markings or road signs. The locals are helpful and i made all the right turns to get to Phnom Penh.
    No problems all the way, the biggest concern is the buses that hurtle past you from time to time.
    Hit rush hour in a bad way and there happened to be a fire at the waterpark (i haven't a clue how such a thing happens) but it closed the main road, so i cut up and drove down the disused (not used much) railway lines to the centre.

    Then i spent a good few months just riding Flash about to and from work. Taking him for long weekends in the country and for new year all the way to Mondulkiri, where some guy drove his car into me and drove off. Can't say i was particularly impressed by that but only grazes so I got off lightly.
    The road to Mondulkiri is the best and newest road in Cambodia, once at Sen Moronom though the roads a dirt track and great fun for those inclined towards such biking activity. My lack of experience makes me shy away from such things but on a sunny day most main roads are not dangerous only the real biker tracks.

    After 3 months I headed north to Kraite, Stung Treng and the border with Lao. I wondered if I would have problems with getting my bike across the border without tax papers or anything. However they weren't interested in Vietnamese bikes only if was a Cambodian one. Laotian side no problems either except you have to drive through a construction site and pay the usual 'stamp tax'.

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