Pattaya 7-hour Enduro

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    Heading south on back roads slipped to him covertly by Franz was our very own TMS team,
    and standing in first place after the first round earlier this year
    Team Trans Moto Sport
    One team member was wearing apparel with a wish that the Pit Boss was expected to fulfill :shock:

    It was an unearthly & allegedly early start planned for Sunday morning at 9am.
    Team Leader & legendary motor racing Ace, Happy Feet, was sent to bed by his self promoted Pit Boss aka B&T/SP/SF et al,
    who was concerned about HF's earlier overexertions having worn the skin of his palms out.

    PB/SP/SF/B&T then proceeded to induct the youngest present on a tour of Walking Street.
    This lamb was aghast at the debauchery that can entice men of less mettle but more paper;
    but it was the urinal massage & accompanying pick-pocketing in Lucifer's that drew stumps on the lad's nocturnal learnings.

    The next morning the Pit Boss - for he shirley earned his Monica this day,
    as any Governor of Arkansas would attest - was up and at the trackside in time for the off.
    Making the Jackie O[lala] fashion statement!
    Someone needs to ask where Penelope Pitstop got those shades!

    The bikes lined up on the "grid"

    Mark was soon warming up.

    Peter from Pai was instructing his riders on the second corner - a recently watered sludge.

    Some teams had high quality race parts giving them an unfair advantage.

    As the minutes counted down the tension grew
    This was to be a Le Mans sprint start

    Some of the spectators were armed

    HF was spying out the ground - looking for every bump in the ground
    He had been denied a sighting lap and was determined to gain any advantage...

    Finally The Off

    The Sprint

    The Leg-Over

    The Gas

    After the first tight corner & jump Mark was in the lead by a narrow margin

    Coming into the second corner Mark was wide but aiming to use the small bank

    This is going to be close...



    Stuck...whilst Happy feet speeds away...

    Meanwhile the second row were readying for their start


    Some spectators were picking off the riders

    Clear in front Happy Feet was making them eat his dust


    Mark led for the first hour in spite of his now bloody hands


    Sadly my lad was hors de combat from the previous evening's revelry, entailing an early our departure & no more pix.

    I am hoping the Pit Boss has some further pix to add...
  2. awesome stuff, could the documenters please drag themselves out of the various nefarious establishments down there and post more pictures up!
    crouched down "patiently" waiting for the race to start sure looks like mark is enduring a TIT moment to me!
  3. Happy Feet
    1. Congratulations on winning?
    2. But is that a mouthful or what?
    3. Finish the story soon will ya.

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