Pattaya- CBR250 Ninja 250 Stold!

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Billy Baht, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Last night some prick stole my CBR250 and another tenants Ninja 250.

    I've been looking at CCTV records from a business across the street and the theft took place around 0256, on the morning of Sep 27. Didn't get a number plate because the tail gate was down. Will continue to ask around about other cameras to get a better ID on the thieves and get away vehicle.

    The bikes were in a locked storage area, but the thieves either had a key or picked the lock and then man handled them on to a pick up. They were west bound on Soi Siam Country Club Road (towards the sea) at last sighting.

    Information leading to the recovery of the bikes is very appreciated and will be rewarded.
    Please PM me with sighting, info.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear. Good luck getting them back.
  4. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Sorry for your loss! Hope the bike was insured as the chances of you ever seeing it again are slim to none... :(
  5. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Here are the ****ing ****s in the act

  6. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Sorry to hear your bad news!

    A couple of years ago my friend had his bike stolen, for a couple of days he heard absolutely nothing from the police!! He had the bright idea to print some pictures of the bike with frame/engine numbers etc & go into the local police station with them, plus a Thai speaking person & offer a 10k cash reward for any policeman that finds it.

    He got it back in 24hrs!!!! For real

    Edit: I suppose on reflection Pattaya is probably a little different to Phuket because we live on an Island with a police checkpoint before you drive over the bridge & off the Island, also with the police knowing pretty much every bike thief on the Island. So I realise my comment probably wouldn't be so effective in Pattaya/Bangkok area. But nothing helps get some action from the BiB than some extra tea money!! You only pay the reward if you get it back :p
  7. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Yes, good point. We have in fact shared the CCTV video with the cops and hinted that a generous reward would be paid on return of the bikes. I am also having some posters made up with photos of the thieves and notice of a reward for return of the bike. I've tried to get the Pattaya rags to add the story to their crime section, but they aren't interested either...

    And the heist was done by five Thai guys ridding two Waves, no pick up was involved. They picked the lock yo yjr storage area, broke both bikes steering lock, and were pushed eastbound on Siam Country Club by the guys on the waves. Not sure if they could not hot wire them or were taking precautions about sound. Both bikes are quiet and still have stock exhaust systems.
  8. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Unfortunately there are in Pattaya gangs working that steal the bike and within 1 hour the bike is disassembled and the frame chopped. The Wave of my wife was once stolen in front of our house. Recon the thieves would come back to steal more bikes in the street I stayed up the next night and indeed there they were walking ... with an another scooter. At first the ignored me but the moment I pressed the horn of my car to wake-up the all neighbourhood they did ran like hell. They were chased by some local motorbike boys and only Buddha knows what happened.
  9. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Guys, here is a clip from the actuall CCTV video.

  10. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Sorry to read about your loss!!
    Is it possible to computer enhance and read the number plate on the accomplices' bike shown in the video??
    If so, and the bike is registered to the culprit, it may help in the bike's recovery.
    Good luck,
    Jay... We met last week at McDucks
  11. blackb15

    blackb15 Ol'Timer

    Worrying stuff I hope you get them back
    Safe riding
  12. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Thanks guys. After thinking about the robbery, this is what I think happened:

    1 The thieves were watching for some time and knew our habits.
    2 They have been here before, trying different keys until the had the correct one, or a master key. It was a Thai "Ison" type lock that uses a flat key
    3 They even took the lock!
    4 The robbery took 5 minutes, I think the only thing that slowed them down was breaking the steering locks.
    5 They couldn't or didn't want to start the bikes, they pushed each bike with a Honda Wave
    6 The CCTV video shows them with no back packs, so no tools really
    7 I think a good quality alarm disc lock would have prevented the theft.
    8 I became complacent about safety. I carry a chain to imobalise the bike when I park outside for long periods, but I "trusted" the locked compound.

    Be vigilant guys, the bad boys are out there...
  13. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    I have had some experience from spending many hours learning from a locksmith friend of mine & I can tell you these Ison flat key locks have their pros & cons. They cannot be opened with conventional lockpicks but with a big bunch of specially smoothed off keys & a good technique for "jiggling" & these locks can easily be opened.

    I agree that noise is the enemy of the nightime sneak thief & a full alarm system or a simple alarm disc-lock would have helped in your case. But as you said before these guys have been over to your place before checking your security out! If you had different security in place they may have got the bikes using another method.....once a gang has targeted your bike, the [email protected] usually get it! :cry:

    Also affordable these days at about $30 to $50 USD from ebay are the new slimline tracking systems that are the size of a fat credit card, which use a mobile/cell phone sim card to text/sms you the bikes location.
    I will be upping my security after reading your post!
  14. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Well the horse has already bolted but..

    The lesson for everyone is always put a lock on the front and rear disc and get into the habit of doing so. I had one disc lock for the front and one convectional padlock for the rear . This won't stop the bike being carried away and put on a truck but it would have deterred the small time guys in this case.

    The key is habit! Every time you leave the bike anywhere out of sight. In my case for a year in the street level parking under a Rayong serviced apparent building. I have also used a simple battery operated door entry alarm and a piece of fishing line through a hole in the window frame. And at a different time same said fishing line with a "pin and hole" battery alarm. Anything that makes a loud noise if the bike is moved.
  15. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    I've seen "bump" keys on You Tube that show how easy it can be to pick a conventional lock. Maybe they picked it or had a master key, I don't know. When the guy with the Ninja moved in, the light bulb should have gone off, as in, Hmmm, this is a juicy target, I need to be more security conscious.

    There is one You Tube video of a guy stealing a large bike, he begins by changing out the lock, then pulls a torch from his back pack and cuts off the disc lock on the fron t wheel and a huge chain on the back wheel. He does this in a reported four minutes! As you said, if they really want it, they'll get it. All we can do is slow them down, to make the target less desirable...

    Any way, you guys be safe and keep clicking on the You Tube video of my bike beibg stolen :)
  16. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    The owner of the Ninja offered the cops 10k, they laughed.
  17. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Sorry again for your loss. You can bet that the bike went straight to a chop shop and will never be recovered. I gather you didn't have comprehensive insurance on the bike? Full coverage 1st class insurance for a 250cc bike will run you less than 10k baht/year and will compensate you for 80% of the value of the bike. Something to keep in mind for your next bike...
  18. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Thanks Tony, I rolled the dice, so I must accept the loss (No comprehensive insurance.)

    My bike was a 2010 according to the green book and I was the third owner. I paid 70k, so that means I would get around 56k reimbursement. 10k is a very expensive premium in my mind. Of course there are other benefits of First Class insurance besides Theft coverage. If I had a new bike worth say 150+ thousand, then I would have bought the theft coverage, no question. Maybe Insurance would have paid out more and the premium would have been more reasonable; I'm just thinking out loud here.

    I keep kicking my self for not taking more security measures, but its spilled milk now.

    Maybe its a sign that the time has come to move on. Ten years here and its finally dawned on me that I'm not really wanted. Down deep I knew that all along but experiencing the theft of the bike has left a bad taste in my mouth and I being held in disdain is tiresome. The Thais in my neighborhood were supportive and why wouldn't they be- bike theft is rampant here in Pattaya- their bikes become missing as well. There are plusses and minuses to Pattaya, but some very undesireable people live here, of all nationalities.

    I have to take some responsibility too: ten years and I'm not fluent in Thai and I don't read or write the language that well. The cops at Nongprue spoke no english and I was struggling to understand 100% of what they were telling me; a lot of new vocabulary here.

    Any way, I appreciate the support I've received from the forum, so a big thanks to all. I'm feeling sorry for myself and I need to man up and move on. I'm due for a good therapy session at Soi 6, attitude adjustment if you will, 555+

    In USD terms I paid $2,250 for the bike so its not the end of the world. One Thai girl I know made a "Black Magic" ceremony at her local temple and she assures me that "Bad man steal you motobike got to Hell 100%. Next life come back same soi dog sure." I think I need to adopt her attitude and take a longer term view...

    Lock on so you will continue to ride!

  19. David Learmonth

    David Learmonth Ol'Timer

    Sorry to read of no recovery of stolen bikes. If you are thinking of a change - why not move up North? Nicer altogether I'm sure.
  20. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    I may very well head back north if I remain in Thailand. I lived there previously from Dec 2010 until Aug 2011, at Chiang Mai. Great roads to ride on too :)
  21. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Sorry to hear about the theft your CBR Billy. Don’t let it get you down mate.

    You say that you keep kicking yourself for not taking more security measures, but the fact is, we all get a little slack when comes to security at times, plus, lets face it, if someone really wants it, there going to get it.
    Its not a Pattaya thing, if your bike was parked the same way in Australia, it would have been stolen with in a week.

    Take it easy

  22. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Hi Rex!

    Thanks for your kind words. Hope you are OK.

    Yeah, there is a video on You Tube of a professional stealing a big bike. He changes out the ignition, pulls a cutting torch out of his back pack and cuts off the disc lock and heavy duty chain looped through the rear wheel and around a metal post. Pulls out a key, starts her up and rides off! Only four minutes and he never takes his full face helmet off.

    All the best,

  23. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

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