Pattaya Enduro - Khao Mai Keow - 2015

Discussion in 'Eastern Thailand Motorcycle Trip Report Forum' started by brian_bkk, Mar 31, 2015.

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    What a great day as the Khao Mai Keow Enduro is every year..

    Hats off the the clubs that organise these events.. Always been 110% fun. Making you want more.

    Moto Rex came down and we headed off to Xtreme Enduro together.
    Rex to ride the other KLX. But first to ride around on the KLX with Ohlins and give his thoughts.
    Me on the new KTM and get use to the 450 cc beasty power.

    Sadly for Rex.. He was as crook as a dog. We managed a couple of hours riding the trails behind Xtreme.
    Then went back for a break as the rain was coming.

    Rex was going to take the KTM for a blast.. As soon as he sat on the bike it started to rain.
    That was it for his riding weekend.. Spent the rest of the weekend as crook as a dog.

    So we will have to do this again when Rex is next in town.

    Sunday was Enduro day.. What a ripper.. I had two good crashes.. Caught on Go Pro and there were plenty of more from the other riders.

    What I love about these events.. No ego's just good old fashioned fun.

    Cheers and hope you enjoy watching as we did riding.

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    I sure did miss out on a great ride, but Ill be back for the next one for sure.

    Its amazing that this jungle, and its superb single trails are located just a few kilometres from Pattaya.

    Great clip Brian.


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