Pattaya Get Out Da Way . . . .

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  1. Pattaya Get Out Da Way . . . .

    A fun ride in Pattaya.. Adrian's first time really on a dirt bike.
    Did quiet well.. Good to catch up with the British Embassy guys also..

    The sand was damp, but drying up fast.. With so many bikes it was a bit of a dust storm at times..

    (If you get video unavailable in your country, watch on PC or MAC, Mobile device issue due to copyright music)

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  2. I did notice several illegal passing maneuvers…obviously not a FIM sanctioned event.
    Love the bridge @2.36.
    The bloke on the four wheeler must have found it tight going in places.
    How did the bloke that crashed at the very end pull up? Wipe out.

    Great clip.

  3. The guy on 4 wheels needs to buy extra pineapples when he goes to the market next.
    On some of the tighter corners the pineapples didn't come out on top.

    The crash at the end was a bit silly to be honest.

    We usually have a rule where one of the guys -2nd (not the leader) waits on the corner
    Then the last one signals to the guy waiting on the corner with a tap on the head... He is last.
    Then the guy on the corner can work his way back up through the pack if he wants.
    (a little bit of a challenge at the same time as keeping the pack together)

    That went out the window with this group after a few of us tried initially.

    So the result was occasionally people getting lost.
    The end result, the last guy missed the turn for the longer creative way, going straight on and ended up taking out the lead rider coming out of the creative way..

    Luckily more a glance than a full on impact..

  4. Cool, Great Video!
  5. Without rules...its Chaos out there. Chaos I say...Chaos.
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