Pattaya - MHS Loop and back in 7 days

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  1. Hi all,
    just back from an epic ride, touching Thailands north (Dec.25-31). I did it a bit in a rush because it was a spontaneously decision, but probably it gives somebody a good idea for a similar short-trip…

    Thanks to GTR for the great MHS loop map and all the tips, I got from several threads over the past weeks !!

    Here´s a short summary of my trip:

    Pattaya to Lom Sak (basically a boring ride, just to get there…)
    3, 315, 3200, 3051, 33, 1, 21

    Lom Sak to Chiang Mai –> Puh Hin Rongkla NP is great, but expect road conditions changing from smooth, new tar to gravel…
    2372, 2331, 1143, 1245, 1244, 1047, 11

    Chiang Mai to Khun Yuam -> unbelievable, stunning road – its hard to keep the safety margin for potholes and the usual challenges on Thailands roads…
    107, 1095, 108

    Khun Yuam to Mae Sot-> when you think it can´t get better, the 105 comes along and you are completely stunned – just beautiful !! Again – offroad experience helps but then there are stretches of brand new tar and it feels like on a race track J
    108, 105

    Mae Sot – Thi Lo Su Waterfall and back -> Wow this is again an absolutely amazing stretch – tight, twisty and potholish… The great thing is – you have to do it twice – no way out even though the Berndtson Thailand map suggests… Unfortunately they didn´t let me drive in the NP and I had to waste time in one of the slow 4WDs…
    1090, 1167, 1288

    Mae Sot to Kanchanaburi -> by avoiding the main roads it was at least a bit of fun and very relaxed…
    105, 1108, 1110, 1109, 1116, 1139, 1117, 1072, 3504, 3456, 3282, 3011, Soi´s west of the 333, west of the Krasiao Dam (sometimes gravel), 3086

    Kanchanaburi to Pattaya -> FH didn´t know that you aren´t allowed on the toll roads with a bike !!! Hence BKK was a bit of a shitter – definitely not recommended !!

    Apart from the last day, this was an extremely enjoyable and great ride !!!
    Especially in the north I met a few bikes – a few in groups as well. Unfortunately they were all traveling in the opposite direction. Probably that´s the way ??
    Still can´t get around the fact that I´ve even seen groups with choppers – why would you spoil your day on roads like this ???

    Except one, I booked all other accommodations 1-2 days in advance via Agoda which worked pretty well. The only accommodation I didn´t book with Agoda was the “Ban Farang Guesthouse” in Khun Yuam. I got the telephone number of the MHS map from GTR. After one night I know why they aren’t on Agoda. Not that they are bad – its just overpriced for what you get. The upside is that all biker seem to stop there and hence you have at least interesting company…

    Any comments questions – please feel free…
  2. Martin
    Sounds intresting I have done the ride ,but that sounds a much better route than the one I took .
    Safe riding
  3. Can you elaborate on that comment please Martin...... do you mean 70's style extended fork banana seat choppers, or are you being "Thai" and referring to any custom bike, including a Harley, as a "chopper?"

    I've done the MHS Loop a number of times over the past 10 years on a Harley Road King, a Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic, and an Africa Twin. I just did it again 5 weeks ago with a bunch of mates, all on Harleys plus one Valkyrie sidecar outfit, from Pattaya - Petchabun - Lom Sak - Tak - Mae Sot - Mae Hong Son - Pai - Fang - Doi Mae Salong - Golden Triangle - Chiang Khong - Chiang Mai - Petchabun - Rayong in 10 days...... this is our usual annual tour..... but I fail to see where riding Harleys would spoil our day? (If indeed your comment was aimed at bikers who ride Harleys?)

    Our crew alongside the Burmese border on the 105.


    Next time try the Chiang Mai - Khun Yuam - Mae Hong Son - Pai - Chiang Mai loop...... it's terrific! Don't bother with the crap Baan Farang place in Khun Yuam...... miserable staff and owner who are totally not interested in Farang custom....... the brand new chalets just down the road at the nice eatery with a rooftop terrace should be finished now...... VERY friendly place, lovely young couple running it, good food and very interested to welcome bikers.


    This is the site of their chalets with on-going building in September..... nice view to wake up to.


    Here's one of the chalets nearing completion early December...... I'll be back early Feb to try 'em out!


  4. I was riding in the same general direction and days as you. I started from Bkk on 23rd Dec, first to Yasothon where I spent a couple of days.

    25 Yasothon - Lom Sak - Dan Sai - Na Haeo
    26 Na Haeo - Ban Khok - Nan
    27 Nan - Phu Chi Fa - Chiang Khong
    28 Chiang Khong - quick trip to Huay Sai Laos to get passport stamped - Chiang Saen - Chiang Rai
    29 Chiang Rai - Pai - Pang Mapha
    30 Pang Mapha - Mae Hong Son - Khun Yuam - Mae Sariang - Doi Tao (no resorts there DUH) - Chiang Mai
    31 Chiang Mai - Mae Sariang - Mae Sot
    01 Mae Sot - Bkk

    Shame we didn't meet up on the roads. I was riding a yellow Versys, 2 up. Would love to do the above area again - we have shite roads down here.
  5. @ CM Martin !!
    Wow – that´s a pretty good effort !! Great stuff !!
    Indeed, I wouldn´t have chosen this sort of bike for the tight and twisty stuff in the north-west – however I´m glad you guys enjoy it over and over again !! Probably its just my lack of experience.
    And we all know since Sjaak Lucassen that you can cross deserts even on a R1 – who needs adventure bikes…

    Thanks for your tips regarding the route and the chalets in Khun Yuam, mate – they look awesome – need to try them next time I´m in the area !!

    Looks like the next tour will take me in the Golden Triangle area as well J Some guys here planning a trip up north along the border to Laos end of Feb…

    @ yychow0812 - hmm - shame yip ! Would have been cool... The roads down here are crap, I agree ! Dreaming about moving to Chiang Mai...

    See you on the roads,

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