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  1. Hi Friend,

    Unfortunately there is no ferry that takes bikes, however there is a boat between Hua Hin an Pattaya (quite expensive for the journey);

    On an other hand, as much as possible I would avoid Bangkok City even if i would have to ride some more km.
  2. Pattaya take route 3 to prapadeng ferry over Chao Praya in BKK then go to route 2 on other side of river and you are on the way to Hua Hin , you dont have to go thru central BKK easy , use satnav to make it easier
  3. Hi Pete-Thai,

    I attach 2 Google Earth overheads.

    Basically, coming from the South (Pattaya), all the way to the end of Bang Na - Trad road under the elevated express way you will come to a 'T' junction.
    This is Sukhumvit Rd; take a left. Refer to the overhead and you need to turn right to Pra Padaeng on R3113. This takes you King Bumipol Bridge which motorbikes do cross over the Chaprayao river. Alternatively, go to the end of R3113 down to your left is the ferry crossing.
    If you go on the bridge you will come down to a 'T' junction with Suksawat Rd (R303) where you take a right to Rama II Rd and follow the signs to the South.
    Same kind of deal on the ferry, where you get onto R3104 which takes you to Suksawat Rd where you take a right to Rama II Rd and follow the signs to the South.
    Hope this is of help.


  4. Yeah, this is the best way over the river if you want to avoid central Bangkok. Don't be put off by the 'Bikes not allowed' or CCTV signs. When riding to Rama 2, take the Dao Kanong exit, not the Prapadang one. It's also a bit of a blast with fast sweeping curves but as you're a few hundred feet above the ground, not a good place to make a mistake.

    Don't bother with the ferry.

    Attached files 277341=9254-FerryCrossing01.
  5. Planing to go to Hua hin from pattaya next month so very helpful posts. I hired a bike in bangkok last year and rode through it twice in the floods last year and it was really not any kind of fun (could be me getting old )
    This year going to river Kwai first from Pattaya so will have look at maps but these routes in reverse as i need to return to Pattaya by a more direct route should make sense.
    as always any advice very much appreciated .
    Safe riding
  6. take route 3 to BangNa go to Prha Padeang ferry then on south side join route 35 to route 2 to the south thats the easy way to get from Pattaya to HuaHin , check the map its fairly self explanetary
  7. +1

    First ferry is 0700 (or used to be) so if ya leave Pattaya early enough to get this one you'll miss a lot of the morning traffic. Once the other side it doesn't matter as you're going out and traffic's coming in!

    I was lucky enough to do the whole Bkk route on the new elevated section just before they put toll booths & cops in a few years ago....... Pattaya to Hua Hin 320kms in 3 and a half hours!
  8. That's great thanks sounds like a plan much appreciated. I will post how I get on
    Safe riding
  9. Not too sure why we're still talking about the ferry when there's a perfectly good and much faster bridge. See post #5.
  10. Unfortunately the Pattaya- Hua Hin ferry is no longer running. There are plans for a government owned ferry to take up this route but its anybodys guess if this ever gets under way..
  11. Just to say thanks very much for the help. I rode back trying for the bridge all good to Bangkok when I got a bit lost then followed a motorbike taxi but its probably me,I just find that all signs take u to the highway that bikes can't go on so a bit confusing but worked in the end
    Maps and advice really useful from your posts :)
    Safe riding

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