Peaceful bungalow for rent near Chiangmai Dec 2008-2009

Scott Jones

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Jun 14, 2008
Enjoy the exotic bustle of Chiang Mai while living a few minutes away in peace and quiet, in the shade of towering bamboo, birds and stunning sunsets over the mountain! 8 km north, just off a major road, our fully furnished “double” bungalow with two (or three) bedrooms is available for rent during December 2008 through March 2009. (10,000 baht per month or only about $10 per day!)

Bedrooms and living room are inside, bathroom is half in, half out, but most of the living occurs on the large teak deck under bamboo groves and a mango tree, overlooking the marsh and nearby mountain. The kitchen is outside next to the deck, with a window looking down on the stream. (I didn't come to Asia to live inside!)

Fridge, microwave, one burner stove, fans, air-con, coffee pot, rice cooker, blender, dishes, beds/bedding, furniture, etc, maybe large screen and DVD player, phone line 100 baht/mo or DLS for 600 baht/mo. Utilities are about 400 baht per month; our cleaning lady could come once a week for 200 baht. There are actually two bungalows a few steps from each other which gives two couples or parents/kids their own personal space.

The landlord is great and lives near in this charming “neighborhood” she created with about 12 bungalow/homes. The air-conditioning unit in the bedroom has only been used one night in 4 years. With the wealth of shade, fans are all you need. One month's refundable payment is required to hold the reservation and as a security deposit.

More photos are available on request: the sweet teak deck with towering bamboo, looking out over the marsh with daily, stunning, sunset views over Doi Sutep Mountain (Well, soon if the rainy season would ever stop!) the occasional water buffalo family in the stream.

Don’t worry about Thai rambunctious politics: it all happens in Bangkok. Reference available from previous renter. For less than the cost of a boring, one-room guesthouse with noisy neighbors in busy Chiang Mai, you get a home away from home in a tranquil paradise! 8)


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
pikey wrote: Err, what the f*ck has this got to do with motorbikes?

I hope an admin can delete it and the OP buggers off to Thaivisa ;)


Scott's a Harley rider in Chiang Mai & is one the main organisers on the Chiang Mai Toy Ride Committee.
He's alright & needs a bit of help.
Some motorcyclist coming to Cnx for the high season might be interested in some nice accommodation out of town.


Oct 15, 2006
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Could you add pinned or in FAQ section for ALL accomodation and recomended accomodations by region,, im sure as we are touring around, those would be usefull info and easy to find when they would be catecoriced by region when one is planning to routes,, also information should include good and bad parts and if any safe parking is available or not.

Just a tought :?: