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  1. I was talking to Na from the Motocross Shop located at the Corner of the Moat by the Triumph Shop the other Day and he showed Me some of His Accessories made for the New CRF250L. Gear Levers, Foot Brake Levers, Sump Guards and Full Exhaust Systems. The One that got My attention was a Performance kit He has. He has it fitted to His own Bike so You can Test it! This is the Same Kit used by Thai Rider Manoch Abdulkaree Who raced the CRF250L for AP Honda in the 2012 Asia Cross Country Rally. See here:
    Manoch lead the Rally for the Entire Race and was Only beaten in the Final straight Drag to the Finish Line by a Japanese Rider on a Yamaha WR400, Beaten by a Mere 1/2 Second!!!
    Anyway this Kit Includes Larger Throttle Body, Cam and ECU and is selling for around 19.000 Baht I think? So if You are interested call in an talk to Na. Sounds pretty impressive! Not sure about Fuel Economy though? And You would have to fit the Exhaust System as well to get Maximum gain. Good Luck.
  2. That's great to know it's so easy to boost the performance of the CRF.

    No matter what you do to a D-Tracker the limiting factor to getting over 30hp is a small throttle body!!
  3. Highly interesting! Is this kit made by Honda? I wonder how much the power gain is and how a hot cam and high performance ECU affects the ride.
  4. If it's a mid/high cam like I got on my bike, they will give more mid torque & a better more powerful top end!! The bike will no longer pass an emissions test & it will loose some fuel economy at the gas station BUT it will have the performance of a real 250 from 10 years ago before all these ridiculous restrictions/emissions laws were passed !! A 20% increase in power from cams/ecu/throttle body is exactly what it is......very welcome :thumbup:
  5. This is not a Genuine Honda Sold Kit to My Knowledge, just an Aftermarket one? Na has the Kit and other accessories fitted to His Bike which You can see at His Shop. He offered Me a Ride on it so if You are in Chiang Mai go and take a look and You may get a Test?
  6. Maybe this is not a bad strategy - bring out a somewhat neutered bike for the beginners for a low price, and if anybody wants more power they have to pay a bit extra.
    Riders used to more power could buy the kit right away, beginners could upgrade when they feel they're ready for more and if you just want a cheap scoot for around town you save money.
  7. Do have the CRF and the CBR the same engine? Would that kit then also work on an CBR?

    Chang Noi
  8. Thailand has a Racing Series for the CBR so there is already a lot of Upgrades and Extras avalible for them. Most are on Thai Websites but ask around and I am sure You will find them? I saw on Thai TV the other day they also have a Motard series starting with Modified CFR250L's.Interesting. Wait another Year and lets see if they bring out the 500 CBR and CRF as rumoured? That will be what i would go for rather than squeezing more out of a 250?
  9. Nat at the Piston shop was telling me that they will be releasing a performance ECI and aftermarket airfilter in October. He couldnt say just how much gain there would be if combined with an exhust system.
  10. That makes him credible in my book.

    First install the kit, try out different exhausts and put it on a dyno, then you know.

    Better than some companies that advertise lots of hp which then don't materialize.
  11. I guess people think: better a 250 today than a 500 next year...
  12. Interesting.

    Presumably so.

    I believe they share the identical engine.
  13. Does Na have access to a dyno so we can find out exactly what we are talking about here. Also does anyone know if the dirt shop or someone else in Bkk is doing something along these lines?
  14. No Dyno here! The CBR and CRF share the Same Engine but have different Cam, Throttle Body and ECU, Not sure what else? Dirt Shop may be worth checking out and I think they have a Dyno? By the Way the Kit Na sells also includes Heavier Clutch Springs.
  15. Interesting. These parts are presumably interchangable between the two engines.

    With the Cam and Throttle Bodies, what are the differences and what effect do they have on the performance, comparably?

    CBR250 throttle body: 38mm
    CRF250: 36mm

    And the cams?
  16. 285097=13797-or333.

    Have seen quite a few CRF's about with 2 red wires attached to the engine as shown in above picture. Can anybody enlighten me as to what they actually do ? I havent been able to get a sensible answer from anyone yet.
  17. Hi Gary,
    A couple of Guys I know have these Wires Fitted with the Stated Purpose being to give a Better Earth and Spark Blah Blah??? Something along the Lines of Peter Brocks Controversial Atom aligning Box??? We actually got a few Bikes in a Straight Drag Race and saw NO Difference at all? One actually had a Complete Exhaust System with Header, Power Bomb and Carbon Pipe and that ended up the Slowest of the Bunch!!! Hows that!
  18. A smaller throttle body should weaken the CRF quite a bit, "cooler" cams even more and a different ECU is needed to fit the lower power. Maybe 18hp was about right?
  19. Any idea how much Honda are charging for a 38mm throttle body off a CBR250 ?
  20. Yes, the bike has been out long enough now that plenty of folks have put it on the dyno and in stock trim most are getting about 18Hp at the wheel.

  21. If the fueling was not tuned to match the mods it's not surprising that they actually hurt performance...
  22. Can it be that this kit consists of stock CBR parts?
  23. Funny that when the KLX proved to have only 18 horses everybody was complaining big time but I haven't heard many CRF riders complain?

    How do the torque graphs compare?
  24. Well after much deliberation I finally went into Nat Honda a few days ago and ordered the CBR250 ECI and also the CBR's 38mm Throttle body. Received the parts yesterday and fitted them to my CRF today. The ECI was easy to do and the throttle body was a bit fiddly but managed to get it on without too much time wasted. The throttle body comes intact with all the exterior parts attached so only had to fit the original fuel line from the fuel pump to the fuel injector by using the original end cap. Whilst everything was off we also removed the restrictive emissions cannister . I had previously done the airbox modifications and had already replaced the oem exhaust with an aftermarket one , also had changed the 14 tooth front sprocket down to a 13 tooth one. I opted for performance mods rather than cosmetic changes and now im one happy camper - the bike " howls " ! Many thanks to Liam for his help in doing this .
  25. Good to know that this improvement seems to be easy to do!

    How much are the parts? An ECU doesn't come cheap, I guess.

    What would you say the power gain is? Worth the money? Does it make power in the higher range because the CRF has been detuned for low and midrange?

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