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    Not my regular place of stay in Phayao, the Phu Tong Place, because it & 2 other places were full on the night. (A concert in Phayao, unbeknown to us dumb farang.)
    Anyway for 500 baht not bad..(but I still prefer the Phu Tong)......


    img_8875. img_8877.

  2. this guesthouse across from the lake on main road rooms range 500B 1200 B

    receptionist is beautiful Jeab btw looking for a honest farang:D

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  3. Every place on the lakefront was full :-(

    Found a place called "Win Hotel". Seems like a boutique hotel. No fan rooms, only a/c rooms. They have small rooms for 290 Baht/night (single bed) and big rooms 350 Baht/night (double bed). I was given the last available room which was a small room. It was clean and seemed cute :) The front desk staff are not really friendly though.

    Small Room





    I had a look at the Big Room the next day:




  4. I'll second Ian's opinion of the JumJai. (Though I didn't know that was it's name!) Stayed there twice now & they are indeed very friendly & helpful. The step up to the bike parking may look easy for those with two good legs - but for me, it looked like hard work. No problem, chap came straight out & did it for me. Same in the morning when we left. I think we paid 600 baht for a room (number 2) on ground floor. That was in December last year. They'll also reserve me a downstairs room to save me having to 'do' stairs. Even for myself, it is within walking distance of most things. Will certainly stay there again.
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  5. I agree we stayed here in November 2013 and it is a great palce and the owner has a stunning Ducati Monster too! Its a bit hard to find but up a side street just 50 meters from the lake.
  6. My favourite place is the Phu Thong


    spacious rooms. Aircon hot water TV.





    A good sized bathroom with hot water that gushes out!


    Price: 500 baht

    Location: it is on the GTR Phayao city map.

    It's also got a view when the storms come in off the lake.


    Now of note is the abundance of new homestay guesthouses down on the lake foreshore.
    Buakaew, near Cup Cake
    Lerkdee, near BM Pub
    Hom Hug
    Cozy Nest
    plus a few others downtown.
    If I was to try another one I'd be looking at Cozy Nest or Lerkdee.

    Phayao seems to come of age for loads of good boutique accommodation.
    Spend a night in Phayao & you will be impressed with the value for money accommodation available.
  7. Arrived late in Phayao at 8PM, tried a couple of the lakeside hotels & was quoted 1500-1800 baht a night for two rooms. Not impressed. So opted for the Jumjai

    IMG_4724. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.

    IMG_4725. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.

    IMG_4725. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.

    600 baht a night.

    Beautiful wood work through out

    IMG_4726. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.

    IMG_4708. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.

    IMG_4709. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.

    IMG_4710. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.

    They have under cover parking for motorbikes, but I found the bathroom a bit of a challenge.

    IMG_4712. Jumjai Guesthouse - home stay - Phayao.



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  8. no not friendly staff at all.....but undercover parking good

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