Phi Ta Khon 2008?

Feb 7, 2006
Dear David and GT riders;

Last year by lucky accident, on a trip East, my wife and I stopped in Dan Sai and learned about the Phi Ta Khon festival that, this year, is coming up in early July.I have just read the two GT Ride Reports (2005 and 2006) and am now really keen to go this year.

Unfortunately, as working stiffs we can only get away from Chiang Mai on Friday, so we are a bit worried about finding accommodation. Last year we went to Pai on a popular weekend and had to return home, all the hotels were full!

I wonder if anyone has the name of a Hotel or two that we could try for reservations so that we would be sure to get a place to stay when we arrive late Friday pm.

Any help and ideas would be most appreciated.


Ron Grant in Chiang Mai