Phnom Penh - Kampong Cham

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    Only a short ride, but fun nonetheless. Started by crossing the Mekong on the car ferry behind Naga World casino in PP and taking the 2nd left after that. Followed my nose all the way. A LOT of water beyond about the 70km mark and I ended up having to throw in the towel and catch another car ferry back across the river (my initial plan was to get all the way to Kampong Cham on the Eastern side). The ferry dropped me about 15km short of Kampong Cham on a sealed road. Also found an abandoned US airstrip about 5km from downtown, although my camera was out of battery by then. My first ride on a 250cc (only ridden step throughs till now) and I'm definitely hooked!

    (Apologies. The photos are not in order, but you get the idea)

    Attached files 282690=12414-10457_10151241334218343_507755210_n. 282690=12415-218095_10151241333553343_968107806_n. 282690=12416-223078_10151241333653343_792313519_n. 282690=12417-255537_10151241334158343_1976575541_n. 282690=12418-293045_10151241333728343_1591374806_n. 282690=12413-3830_10151241334278343_1920379756_n. 282690=12419-391760_10151241334033343_1056473302_n. 282690=12420-393489_10151241333933343_525695239_n. 282690=12421-394244_10151241334318343_1594448223_n. 282690=12422-485821_10151241334508343_705124351_n. 282690=12423-556379_10151241333278343_2115874706_n. 282690=12424-556617_10151241333403343_54956413_n. 282690=12425-561082_10151241333828343_631999199_n. 282690=12426-644573_10151241334438343_659474826_n.

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