Photos: Giant Kilometre markers

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  1. It looks like there's a new fashion tourist attraction being promoted around the North / the country: Giant Road or Kms Markers.
    So why not build up a photo collection of the signs & are bikes.

    Been there & done your photos here

    To get the ball rolling. Here's the first one & a new? one from Doi Mae Salong
  2. That's huge ... David, was this erected recently?
  3. Here's another - from last year, near Ban Nang Lae (Mae Chan) on the way to Tat Fon waterfall;

  4. :) ... good idea, makes a collection of distances reminders! I'll try to put my bike in the picture in the future, here are some recent markers, without it:

    Mae Sariang NK7_6281.

    Mae Sariang NK7_6288.

    Pai NK7_6427.
  5. Ok first pic is along the new part of motorway 7 to Pattaya

    The second pic is at Thap Lan National Park nearby Wang Nam Keauw.

    Chang Noi

    Attached files 267137=2761-d11WangNamKeawA016. 267137=2760-IMAG0268.
  6. Lamphun - the mother of all kilometer markers in the North


  7. At Mae Sai

    Not the biggest but still huge to me.

  8. Ditto ...

  9. Mae Sarieng
    24th April 2011

  10. Funny the fashion of building pseudo "Lak Kilo" of all sizes (not all "giant"). Maybe not all are attractions, but at least obvious markers and distances reminders :)

    Restaurant in Fang, rte 107


    Restaurant near Mae Kachan, rte 118


    Two milestones - there are actually 3 - in Chiang Khong. And I even did not post the old "mini" from "Fai Coffee Shop" :)


  11. In Payao, the most sober big milestone … or is it « under construction »:crazy:

  12. Chiang Khong Mekong riverside,

    outside the Nam Khong Riverside hotel
  13. I love these distance reminders! Did you paddle the 125 km to CNR.
  14. CHIANG KHONG MEKONG RIVERSIDE outside the Nam Khong Riverside hotel
    Monday 27th June 2011.



    Feel the noise & David Learmonth.:thumbup:
  15. Two fine looking fellows! Good photos - thankyou.
  16. I really was smiling on the PCX. There is a new pink kilometre marker going south just before leaving MaeChan. I would take a photo and show you it but don't know how.
  17. Dan Sai. Phi Ta Khon festival 2011.

  18. I'm surprised noone put this one up yet. Who knows where??

    Attached files 270705=4920-kilo.
  19. Doi Suthep ? :crazy::crazy:
  20. i by pass this while going up to the top of the mountain where there is a famous temple... same place as what david says.. beside this marker is a fire station... after by passing the chiang mai zoo//
  21. Route 217 to Chong Mek Border.

    Attached files 271000=4968-HPIM1451.
  22. Seen on the Burma border road heading north-west out of Thong Pha Phum on the 3272.
    Great ride btw, even in the rain & zero viz, fallen bamboo and rock/mudslides.:thumbup:


    Adjacent to the two story Marker is the Crab Coffee Shop
    which has good hot coffee to warm up after a rainstorm, nothing to eat.
  23. 274820=7687-P1000987.

    This was a fun find...somewhere in Phayao, northern lake area.
  24. A garden, yes. Home, no.
    Public enough and the next hint is Cupcake.
  25. Not quite a giant marker & not quite in North Thailand, but....

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