Phou Kout Mountain - Xieng Khouang New Tourist Attraction

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  1. Phou Kout Mountain to be major Xieng Khuang tourism attraction

    Authorities in Xieng Khuang province are developing the historical site at Phou Kout Mountain as a tourist attraction in the province aside from the well-known Plain of Jars.
    An official from the province's Department of Information, Culture and Tourism revealed the project to Vientiane Times on Tuesday, which he hopes will successfully draw more visitors.
    The department Director Mr Vongsa Duangthongla said the site would be a top promotional priority next year to coincide with Visit Laos Year and the province hosting the national games in November 2018.
    Phou Kout Mountain was a strategic location during the fight for national liberation, where a crucial battle between the liberation army and the old government administration force took place. The stronghold is to this day known as �iron-topped' Phou Kout Mountain.
    �Any army force who could take the mountain could control the whole Xieng Khuang province and the surrounding provinces,� Mr Vongsa explained, adding the battlefield was also described as �sitting on the elephant's neck'.
    He noted the whole Xieng Khuang plateau and other military strategic sites around it can be viewed from the top of the mountain, which is located around 30 kilometres from Phonsavanh, the provincial capital.
    According to Mr Vongsa, access has been improved to the site with the road recently paved with asphalt, and authorities are devising a tourism interpretation plan for the site's military history.
    Xieng Khuang province is located 435 kilometres from Vientiane. Travellers can go there by land on national roads No. 13 and 7 or use the shorter route through Borikhamxay province. Lao Skyway and Lao Airlines have daily flights between Vientiane, Xieng Khuang and Luang Prabang. The hot spring in Kham district will be another site promoted by Xieng Khuang province during the two national events next year.
    Despite have historical and ancient sites, and temperate climate, only around 50,000 people visit the province a year.
    The tourism official said the province suffered from insufficient accommodation in the past, especially during Hmong and Khmu New Year; therefore development of more facilities was in the provincial plan, which aimed for 720 additional rooms for visitors, with multi-storey hotels to be built to accommodate guests during the national games.​

    Vientiane Times

    Phou Kout is a mountain to the W-N-W of Phonsavan it looked over the western end of the Plain of Jars & importantly R7 - Moung Sui & Phonsavan.
    Whoever controlled Phou Kout, controlled access to the Plain of Jars from the west.

    There were numerous battles for control of Phou Kout in 64-65, but the communists always seemed to hold control of that mountain. In 64 there were 3 attempts to take it, but none succeeded. Then in 1966 the neutralist Lao forces almost gained control of it, but hampered by the heavy minefields & then beaten back at the end when the communists were reinforced with 2 extra battalions.

    The first US reconnasaince crew member was shot down here in 1964
    LAOS REDS DOWN U. S. JET (June 7, 1964)
    Bio, Wood, Don C.
    his body was never recovered & is part of the Phou Kout history for some.​

    I'm sure a few guys have ridden through here from Vieng Thong / Muang Hiam, so if they want to dig out the reports & links please do. I haven't been able to find them the first time round.

    Also take a look at
    Phonsavan City- Xieng Khouang

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