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  1. Headed up to PCF in a few days and was hoping to get some guest house recommendations. Looks like there are a lot up there on the 1093.
  2. Okay, we found our own! is on the right as you get up to the first guest house complex on the mountain. 1500 baht gets you a room for 4 people, incredible 6 course dinner under the stars, and breakfast the next morning. Great place to stay run by a local.

    Will try to publish a trip report later. From PCF we went north to the Mekong, up the river to Chiang San, then over to Mae Salong. Great trip.
  3. Not far from Phi Chi Fah

    The first 2 pics:phuChiFahInn

    The second 2 pics: Only a some bungalows with blue roof, but with a great view, i think about 7km from Phu Chi Fah

    The third 2 pics: Puh Fah Swan Resort, looks very nice

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  4. A copy of my posting here:

    Tour 2011: Reggae Festival, Hardcore Tour and more..Part 10

    Phu Chee Fah on the Laos Border, the view from my bungalow in the morning.


    The Phu Fah Sawan Resort i can recoment, it is about 7km from the Phu Chee Fah Village Rom Fah Thai. On weekdays many resorts not open or don't want to work. This resort very nice style and friendly. But the most people here speak only thai. The bungalow in Phu Fah Sawan is 500 Baht. The Phu Chee Fah Inn want 500 baht for the old ugly bamboo bungalow, i not ask anymore for the stonebungalows.
    Here the Phusawan Resort:


    The room with TV,


    The sign on the street is only in thai and you must drive up to see the resort


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