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  1. Hi people. I am seeking info for Phu Chi Fah. Will be riding down from Chiang Khong to Nan in March/April and wanted to stop in here for the night maybe. Staying as close as possible to the mountain edge. Can anyone suggest good cheap accom, eats, road conditions. Is it possible to ride up to the peak. Any and all info appreciated.
  2. May be my reply come too late.
    I gone twice to Doi Pu Chi Fa , despite the weather was nice when we did arrive on the top the mist was so dense we did not see anything.
    We came from Ching Khong ,the road was in good condition and pretty scenic.
    When you arrive at the top there a large parking and you have to walk a couple of hundred meters .
    Near by you have the village with many resorts and guesthouses ,restaurants too of course ,a nice place for one night.
    The road from there to Nan is a must do.
    Have a nice trip.
  3. Thanks for the belated info. Just completed the trip, was an awesome ride and Phu Chi Fa was worth the effort. Yes the ride to Nan was excellent and thanks to a local simcard, using Maps on the phone and thru a headset made choosing the right hwys to take a breeze. Highly recommend this ride.....awesome stuff.
  4. How was the PCF accommodation then - up to scratch & would you stay there again?
  5. Hi David, yes PCF was pretty cool place to visit. Stayed at PCF Inn in AC bungalow, would probably stay there again as was easy to access up against the other accoms on the highside of road, not too many tourists in town and seems like only the one restaurant was open to feed us, great price for 5 people though.
  6. Thanks for that. Ive actually yet to spend a night up there, believe it or not.
  7. Awesome place to visit, I was up there in Nov last year. The roads are generally decent but you do get some with a bunch of potholes no too often.

    I cant remember the guesthouse, but there are a few along the tiny town together most with views over the forests etc. Around 300-600 baht for a decent room. The town is super quiet, i didnt see any other farang.

    You for sure need to stay over the night so you can get up the peak for the sunrise, well worth it. I was up driving up at 5am from guesthouse. Its about a 15 min drive up. Then you park and have a 20-30 min hike up (bring a torch or headlamp and a jumper / jacket).

    Here is a shot of the sunrise looking across to Laos :
  8. Thats a great photo, wish I had a decent camera to get shots like that. Mine is Sony HD Video Cam with 12mgp still
  9. Here's the photo:


    Note for imagex the correct hyperlink for the pic is

    Good luck & hope to see more of your stunning photos if you want to share them.
  10. This year and 2013 i been again at Phu Chee Fah Lodge, a nice resort 10km away from the top. The big room with a good view and TV on ~1300m was 500 baht include a thai-breakfast. They have different bungalows, the big one with nice view, small one, ban din with TV(made with mud, a good climate) (only in thai)
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    N 19.79787 E 100.43596


    Opposite of Phu Chee Fah Lodge you can drive up to Phu Pha Sawan Viewpoint. The last 15min must walk. A wonderful place ...

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