PHUKET SCOOTER CLUB. (125 Dream / Wave Sports, Touring and maybe Racing) For nutters.


Dec 11, 2012
Down here in sunny Phuket myself and a few likeminded scooter nutters are all experienced big bike riders, but we all get a certain twisted pleasure from riding our 125 Dreams and Waves in ways they were never intended for. We ride our scooters long and far. I ride Wave 125’s and Dreams on road, off road, and try to sport ride them which is a huge laugh. I’d happily road race mine, I’d even have a go at speedway on it. Other scooter nutters I know here want to do more leeeeeeeeeesurely (apologies to Prince there) touring on them.

Bike wise at this point we are more into 17” wheel Dream / Wave type bikes, and not really into Scoopy’s and the like. But heh its a free country. We tour East and West as far North as Bang Saphan, and South into Malaysia. We sports ride in Phang Nga on the back roads, and up the mountains Phu Ta Jo near Takuapa on the dirt. If we could find a race track or speedway track we would race.

My question is this...Anyone interested in what we are into? No big meetings, no heirachy, no meeting minutes, just agree on a time and place and be there. This is good cheap fun that guarantees a laugh, and the more the merrier. Any takers? If CM wants to start a Team up there, we can do inter club racing...CM VS Phuket........

As someone famous once said...I have a Dream...And thats either a 6 Hour Production Race for such bikes. One bike / 3 riders per team. or a long distance event for same.​


Jan 25, 2014
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