Piant job on plastic motorcycle parts......

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Harry Sheene, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Harry Sheene

    Harry Sheene Active Member

    I have a BMW HP2 which I want to repaint, also I have installed a twin tank on it which also needs repainting. I have been told the correct paint is placticised paint, which is similar to that used on car bumpers etc, and doesn't crack so easily. Is there anyone who has tried this? Also looking for a shop in Chiang Mai or Bangkok that can do this.....

    Many thanks for any info....

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  3. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    I would suggest there are two Experts in Chiang Mai who you should talk to.
    #1 is Mike, the Father of Richco Powder Coating. He has a Shop just before Chiang Mai Motocross on the Moat. Has a Faded Black Sign hanging out Front "Heavens Devil's" Inside he is Building and Airplane and has all his Gear (a lot of it!) Does Beautiful work. Painted Rhodies GS1200. I don't have His Number but if he isn't at His Shop go to Richco Powder Coating and Ask Richie.
    #2 is Han's the Bike Painter. A Swiss Expert but a Bit of an Eccentric. Does Amazing Work if you can Pin Him Down. Last Telephone Number i had was: 0837633137. He changes them so if you can't get Him your best Bet is Ask at Joe's Bike Shop as they are always in Contact with Him.
    Good Luck and call in and Show me your Bike when finished, Is that the Blue/Gray Enduro one that was at VVP for a While?
  4. Harry Sheene

    Harry Sheene Active Member

    Many thanks Ian, I will certainly post a picture of her when she is done. I plan to move back to Chiang Mai next month. Yes it's in that Blue and grey colour right now.....

  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Very Impressive Bike Harry, Luck Bugger :D I see you Put Motard Rims on it now as well. I bet it is a Rocket! Enjoy and hope to catch up with you one day.

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