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  1. Hey Reinhard! Too bad I missed you, but I think you were already gone by the time we rolled up.

    Here's my report and pics :)

    Wow, the Bangkok Bike Festival just keeps getting bigger and better!

    While a few brands were noticeably missing, there were also some new brands making a first appearance as well as an ever growing list of vendors, so definitely worth a visit.

    Kunka is now selling MV Augusta in Thailand! Check out the stunning F4 RR:

    This one is already sold but you can put your name on a list and eventually get one for only 1.6 million Baht! biggrin.png
    They will also be selling the "regular" F4 for just 1.1 million and the Brutale in a few different flavors but I can't remember the prices.

    As reported earlier, Honda is FINALLY going to sell some big bikes in Thailand!

    The 1800cc Goldwing, aka, the Honda Land Yacht wink.png Expect to pay about a thousand baht per cc wink.png

    The CBR1000RR. NICE!

    Those stupid NC700 atrocities... crazy.gif

    The VFR1200 looks more like a spaceship than a motorcycle IMO...
    I'm really not happy with the way Honda has lost track of what made the original VFR 750 and 800 the top rated sport touring bikes for year after year after year...

    And there's the 250cc Honda dirtbike which isn't cheap, but I am told is top of the class in that category.

    In other exciting news, Royal Enfields are now available in Thailand!
    Pretty pricey for what you get... The 350cc Bullet above goes for 330k Baht, but the sales rep said something about having them assembled in Thailand in which case the price could be as low as 140k Baht.

    There is also the "Classic 500" which doesn't cost much more than the Bullet:

    Nicely blinged Kawasaki Z1000

    And Z1000 eye candy


    The KTM display was impressive- more and more models now available in Thailand-

    Love the styling of the KTM RC8R!

    Yamaha's new Super Tenere looks like a beast of an adventure bike!

    Yamaha pretty with FJR1300

    Aprilia RSV4 wub.png


    There is A LOT to see and the place was mobbed! What a turnout for a Wednesday night! I must confess that I completely missed the Kawasaki, Suzuki and HD displays, so I'll head back in the next day or two to continue exploring!

    Happy Trailss!

  2. The 250cc Honda dirtbike is twice as expensive than the KLX. If I would buy a 250 cc than my choice is quickly made, than I go for the KLX. I hope they release the 450cc soon.
  3. You got it wrong bartomeer, the CRF250R is a MOTOCROSS bike you cant compare it to the KLX but you can compare it to the KX :)

    We still dont have pricing on the CRF250L wich will play in the same category as the KLX.
  4. Suzuki GSXR1000 is the clear winner, best bunny on the show by far :D

    Also... what's "Stella" - are those the Indian Vespa copies?

    Sym bikes looking good; new Yamaha scooter also looks pretty good, surprise, no fugly stickers! Not into the Chinese clones of something or other... but that's just me ;)

    F4 RR has possibly the best exhaust ever... wow, so cool!!!
  5. I asked the Honda about the CRF250L - He confirmed it's made in Thailand and launching in March at many dealers. Exciting bike. He wouldn't tell me the price, but i hear less than KLX250...
  6. The KTM 690 SMC R looks awesome.
    Unfortunately cannae copy mbox pics and Tony did not take a pic.
  7. you should be able to download the picture from the "download" button above the picture on the picasa web album.. but i post it here to make it easier for ya.


    Attached files 275955=8324-DSCF2815%2520%2528Large%2529.jpg
  8. Hi Nick, here some info about Stella:
    and these are further news about Stella & Royal Enfield ( last line from the News on 18 January 2012): Udon E-San Bike Week 20-21 January 2012

    cheers, mbox
  9. Tony, from all the bikes you saw at the show , which ones top of your wish list ?
  10. Great Photos mbox999. Well worth looking through! There are certainly a number of Surprises amongst them? Royal Enfield! MV Augusta, Aprilia, Yamaha Super Tenere and the Honda Goldwing which is a pretty reasonable Price considering! I would be interesting to find Out Who the Dealers are for all these Bikes and where are they??? Tony said Kunka are selling the MV?
    I hope all manufacturors actually get real service departments, dealers and Real Plates arranged for all these new Models? Great to see the Growing Big Bike Market here. Look forward to Your Part 2 Post on the other Bikes Tony! I think You got stuck at the PG Girls!
  11. The RE 350 sells for 330,000 thb and the RE 500 for 380.000,- thb once they are assembled here ( they are currently brought in as CBU) the 350 will sell for appr. 140.000,- thb and the 500 for 180.000,- thb it was said....i can see myself getting one of them :)
    The RE esclusive distributor at this time is
    Nick Tripati
    Buildtek Modular
    1768 Bangna - Trad, Bangna, BKK 10260
    His tel nr is 0898133277

  12. Thank you very much.
  13. hmmmm did anyone notice the price on the Yamaha Tenere 1200?
  14. i haven't seen any price around the tenere. ...but there were a lot of girlies around, so i might have missed it :)
  15. 275994=8348-400.

    Red Baron have a 2011 XT 1200 for bht 650,000
  16. I wonder how red baron's prices are compared to Honda Big Wing Bikes? Maybe get a better deal at R.B. ?
  17. It's not for sale yet from Yamaha so they couldn't tell us a price, but I'm willing to bet you a beer that they'll ask a lot more than what Red Baron's selling them for: 650k Baht

    I used to think that with all these official dealers coming to Thailand that grey market importers would find themselves struggling, but as it turns out, the official dealers are charging such outrageous prices that the Grey Market importers must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Consider for example the Honda CBR1000RR that Honda Thailand will start selling here in April. Honda Thailand are asking 799k Baht for the CBR1000RR but you can get the same bike from Red Baron for 690k Baht. Similar examples of ridiculous dealer prices can be found with KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha and Harley Davidson. Can't comment on Ducati, Triumph or BMW since I'm not familiar with any grey market importers of those brands, though I know they exist. Seems to me the dealers in Thailand are taking the piss with their ludicrous mark-ups...
  18. Some good Points Tony but I myself would still prefer to Buy from a Real Dealer? In the Case of HD there is normally not more than 100.000 Baht saving from a Grey Importer. But if You get it direct from HD Bangkok You get Warranty, Service etc etc and the Bike is brought in Assembled not Stripped, Boxed, Shipped then Slapped together in a warehouse on the waterfront? The Genuine Dealers have to Pay all the Legitimate Taxes and Duties where as the Grey Dealers don't? But the Big Question really is what about the Registration? Are they all legal and correct or somewhere down the line is the Government going to do a Clamp Down and then all these Bikes will be in trouble? I have heard a Rumour about this regarding all the Grey Import Mercedes Benz as well? Having said that some of the Prices are pretty good in My Eyes? A New Goldwing for 1550,000 is not that Bad? Of Course a New Super Tenere for 650.000 would be very Hard to Beat!
    What ever happens the Next Year will be a truely Exciting time for all Bike enthusiasts!
  19. Hi Ian!

    I think an important distinction needs to be made between companies like Red Baron and 59 Bike that import brand new fully assembled bikes and others, like the chop shops down by the port who import bikes in pieces for re-assembly and re-sale in Thailand.

    I've heard so many horror stories about people who've bought from the "chop shop" importers and had no end of headaches with paperwork and mechanical issues. I understand many (most?) grey market Harleys come in to Thailand this way. Bottom line, the chop shops may charge the lowest initial price for their bikes, but once you factor in the additional time and money you'll have to invest to get them registered and keep them running I personally think this option becomes a lot less attractive. Though if you're looking for a bike that you don't want to register for road use perhaps these importers are a good choice?

    In contrast, companies like Red Baron import brand new bikes in factory crates. The price you see on a showroom bike at Red Baron includes registration and plate.

    Red Baron can also import bikes without registration and if you request a bike they'll tell you up front how much it will cost to get it registered. And in some cases (most carb'd bikes, for example) they'll tell you straight up that the bike you want won't pass the Thai emissions test.

    Red Baron is a Japanese franchise dealer but for the past two years they've been importing most of their bikes from the US for two reasons:

    First because the strong Japanese yen makes bikes imported from Japan too expensive and,

    Second- because present day Japanese sport bikes are speed and horsepower restricted.

    I understand the desire for a warranty and that some would pay extra for such peace of mind. BUT, if you buy a Japan spec restricted CBR1000RR from Honda, Thailand and then invest the additional money to dE-restrict it, you'll have voided the warranty anyway.

    That's why Kawasaki, Thailand sold so few ZX10R's. Even though it was the cheapest liter bike in Thailand at 650k Baht, you'd have to spend another ~100k Baht to derestrict it at which point you've voided the warranty.

    For that kind of money one could buy the brand new US Spec ZX10R from Red Baron for 680K baht. (And the new 2011+ ZX10R with it's race ABS, Power Modes and Traction Control is lightyears ahead of the 2009-2010 model that Kawasaki, Thailand was selling for 650k Baht)

    Finally, Red Baron's mechanics and service staff have a very good reputation for honest and professional work.

    The entire service team at Yamaha Rider's Club in Bangkok was fired a couple of years ago. It's probably unwise (illegal?) for me to talk about why, but the point I'm trying to make is that we have no idea how qualified and competent or bent and incompetent the service staff might be at the new Honda Big Bike dealership. They might be great or they might not have a clue. Based on the way APe Honda runs their operation in Thailand I can't say that I have great confidence in them. I'm not quite sure if the Honda Big Wing showroom will be independent of APe Honda or not.

    I realize that this discussion probably belongs in its own thread and apologize for going so far off topic, but the motorcycle business in Thailand is pretty intriguing!
  20. Good Info Tony. Thanks for that I was totally Unaware! I thought they were all doing the strip and ship thing! Well worth people taking note for future reference! Red Baron are in New Zealand as well by the way!
    Now where are the Rest of the Photos of the Bike Festival You Promised Mate??? Have a Great Weekend!
  21. Well, as promised a small report & fotos about this event in Bkk.
    Had to get up at 5 for the first TG flight to the big Mango only to arrive there at 09:00 and finding the doors closed for another hour, wasn't easy to find an open coffeeshop, cause getting up so early my luxurious body demands a lot, and I mean a lot of good quality beancoffee to get started.......finally found a Segafredo shop, day & awakening saved...
    Once open I had some very good highlights: met the SSR guys Gerhard (Bakerboy), Andrew (Not on a Yamaha) and Trent there, later on was joined by GT-Riders Craig-EBC and his lovely girlfriend, Dougal Peeetaaaah and his lovely SWMBO and in the late afternoon TonyBkk & family, what a nice day !!!!!!
    The positive sides in my humble opinion:
    We saw bikes that are to come and especially MV-Agusta, Aprilia, Royal Enfield, some additions to existing and most surprisingly Taiwanese SYM is also coming in.
    I have loads of fotos but will only post the ones I liked the most here.

    By the way, I did not take my partner there and would advise all who intend to go there, not to do so either as the "better halves" can find a lot of goodies for themselves and you might end up with much higher expenses that you actually intended to spend; just see Craig's delight when his GF announced that after trying 6 pairs of boots none of them fitted: (for this time.....)

    As for accessoiries we had some of the top shops present such as Panda Rider, Dirt Shop, Paddock, Thaimotorbox Givi and some others.
    I did frequent them and got meeself some new Alpinestars boots, a Revv'it rainjacket, a Givi pillow for a topbox and Co2 Cartridges for tubeless tyre-repairs for the FJR.

    On a negative side: BMW, DUCATI and SHARK were not present which I find with the latter two disappointing as they actually manufactore in Thailand.......hopefully next year will have them there too.

    The real surprise for me was this bike, as they haven't been overly interested in the biggie market until now:
    The Suzook V-Strom 650; I was told it will come somewhere end of March and will also be another competitor in the Enduro market (Versys, F650 &800, Tiger 800), pricing was not yet available:

    Yamaha told me that the XTZ1200 will come 70% sure and a pricetag not over 800k THB which is better than the R1200 and the big Tiger anyway........should be selling some........I must admit although it's a heavy one, it looks gooooooood:

    Not to write this report again, I'm just gonna save this one and continue in another post. Rgds, Franz
  22. So to continue, I totally liked the looks of these bikes MV-Agusta F4 and Brutale F3:
    Sorry, but forgot to ask the pricing but these should be out quickly as also imported by Kunka.

    Just next to the MV's was KTM's stand with even one X-Bow on show (for several Mio THB of course........), I already see the boys of the rich parents parading them up and down Ratchada and RCA:

    The beautiful RC8:

    And the lovely baby Duke 200:

    Another bike I liked of course the red/white livery on any Yamaha, here the new R1:

    Should mention also that Yamaha dropped their prices a bit (R1 now 790k, FJR 820k, T-Max 495k an FZ1 590k) further on did they tell me that the FZ8 will come in maybe second quarter for approx. 480k THB.
    I need to compare first but a first lookey also tells me that KTM's are cheaper than last year. 690 Enduro R goes for 628k, 690 SMC R for 632k and the 690 Duke for 628k, are new models as they now have all the same modified LC4 engine with 67 HP.

    But pricewise the biggest surprise for me is SYM a taiwanese company who sells already by the containers in Europe and has quite a good reputation as they obviously have engines from Honda though not the last model but frugal, reliable ones, have ridden once the old 250 scooter and it was a good one.
    Was told that the 300i is already available for THB 150k:
    and the 400 version should be available end of March for THB 215k which isn't bad at all just looking at Vespa/Piaggio ridiculous prices here in LOS:
    sorry made a mistake in labelling the last 2 fotos should be 400i not 300.........

    I might get tempted to get their reputation is good in Europe.........
    Another nice bike they have on show is a 'baby ER6n', forgot to ask the price......:

    Another nice aspect to this show was that there's a lot of companies with different bikes, propped up with good paintjobs, chrome and accessoiries, didn't take any fotos as mainly cruisers and I'm not at all interested in them.
    As with Honda's showbikes, other than the CBR1000RR none of the bikes they had did even get me to take a picture..........loads of talk about the CRF250 but not even one on show other than an imported non-street-legal one, well I will not be a customer of them now and in the coming years.......

    A nice Vespa copy from India caught my eye, called Stella with a nice sidecar:

    And last a nice Wave-speedboat of the Royal Thai Police:

    So that was a Saturday and money well spent, will go there next year again and hope that there will be more goodies to come.

    Cheers, Franz
  23. .......some more remarks to the Bkk Motorbike Festival:
    you should imagine that when you are interested in biggies with pricetags of 200k THB up that you'll at least get decent brochures and 'ready to pick up price lists', not so here in LOS. Other than Yamaha with a brochure/info/price folder and Triumph with a flyer/pricelist not much was actually available. KTM at least had an A4 copy of the prices but not more.

    As for SYM, I'm just too lazy to scan/fotograph the namecard so here's some details:
    Khun (Mr.) Panu Wongwondee - ass. mgr. aftersales svc.
    [email protected]
    Tel: 0-2993-7788
    Paholyothin Rd., Bkk

    Another visible fact, slowly but surely all the accessoiries brands are establishing themselves in Bangkok, saw loads of helmet, clothing, footwear, aftermarket parts suppliers being presented already by agents here.

    Things look good......................cheers, Franz
  24. Any KTM dirt bikes? I thought I saw one just behind the X Bow.

    Either way, things are looking up for the big bike market in Thailand, just gets better and better.

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