Pinlock Visor Inserts

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    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with these.

    about 6 months back I bought an O'Neil Sierra II from Paddock, on the first day I got caught in a heavy shower, it seemed to work well for a brief time (15 minutes) and then started misting up. I seemed worse, because water was running down inside the visor and sitting in between the two layers.

    Now the dry season is here I didn't think anything more of it .. Today was time to clean the visor so I pulled off the pillock insert as directed on youtube.

    Now the think won't go back, its all lose and has not strength to push to the visor.

    Reports say that the pins can be turned to shorten the distance but I can't seem to turn or split the pins apart.

    Has anyone any tips or experience? .. maybe the system just doesn't work to well here.

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