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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by mja34, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. just had a great day out at chiang mai speedway watching all the young thai loons lobb there bikes around and onto the track, sadley my good mate nat of piston shop was one of the fallers and dident bounce to good!,so first reports are a broken collar bone!! or maybe a arm, he was already drugged :? up on leaveing hospital so the phone call was a bit slurred!! get fit soon. marcus :)
  2. I saw Nat today dropping my bike into be cervixed. Unbelievably he was at work! Goes to show you can not keep a good man down.
    (I have to say that he has my bike).
  3. I hope he gets better soon.

    Where's the speedway at? The 700 year stadium?
    I made the Bike racing event (on the 8th) there (drag racing) but couldn't see a single other farang there! :eek:

    I'd of gone to the car drag racing the following day but I had an argument with the canal wall :(
  4. Sorry to hear about Nat's spill. At least it was on the track. Get well soon mate.
  5. Glad to hear he wasn't badly injured....

    On a brighter note, what abot the guy who dropped it TWICE on the warm up lap, on his Honda Dream, wow those dream's must be quite a handful.
  6. just popped past nats shop to see how he is doing and yes its defo a broken collar bone! and now to realy piss him off as i pulled up was confronted by his mechanic slumped on the pavement outside the shop! he had just been smacked off his bike by a car and was just off to hospitall! so quick healing guys. marcus

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