Planning trip in Vietnam - any sugestions ?

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  1. Hi There,
    Two of us a planning a two to three week motocycle trip through Vietnam in February 2006. We dont want a guided tour but want to hire a bike each and do our own thing. We dont need flash accomodation but want to stay safe. Does anyone have any sugestions or has done this themselves? Can you sugest a good travel route and what to expect to pay for bike hire.
    Thanks for your replies...look forward to them
  2. Here is a good place to start.

    Have a good trip.


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  3. gjlaw,
    Coung's adventure motorbike rental in hanoi is the place to rent from up north. reasonable Minsk's.
    It will be cold in the mountains, rain and fog over 1400 m. Offroad is the best and a guide is needed. I know you don't want one but Dan and Digby are the best,
    You can do the main roads easy, all are sealed or in good condition. Above all, be safe and wear the right gear.

    Ride Safe
  4. Thanks for input jimoi,
    cold, rain and fog doesn`t sound like fun. Would we be better to spend our two or three weeks travelling from Hanoi to Saigon around some back roads as I understand the weather gets warmer as you head south? Is February a bad time weather wise up in the Northen mountains ? I have read that we could hire bikes from Coungs in Hanoi and leave in Saigon. I guess we could even go the other way round and fly into Saigon, ride to Hanoi and fly out from there. Any thoughts anyone?
  5. Interested to know more about this rental place where you can rent in Hanoi and leave in Saigon. Where is it exactly?

    Look at our photos:
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  6. The place is Cuong's Motorbike Adventure, 1 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ha Noi. The phone number there is +84 4 926 1543 and his email is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] (although I don't know if he ever uses it). You can deliver the bikes to Cuong's brother in Sai Gon and he'll send them back up to Ha Noi for about $50 per bike.

    The other option is to buy a bike once you get to Ha Noi and try to sell it when you've finished your trip, but you'll probably get a better Minsk if you rent.

    In my opinion, Highway 1 is a shit of a ride. Explore the mountains up north instead.

  7. Thanks for your imput Glenn, Do you think the weather in the mountains up North is about as good as it gets in February ?
  8. I have to agree with Glenn on Hwy 1, horrid road. North is the best but Feb will be cold at the higher elevations, I've done it many times in winter and will do so again. Cuong is the man for the bike, don't go anywhere else. The new Ho Chi Minh Highway is easy to ride but drops you in some so so places overnight, you really have to time yourself on the way down.
    Check out the mountains, go to Ha Long, drink some rice wine.

    Ride Safe

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