Planting T.Js and Simons memorial plaques in Mae Hong Son.

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  1. Planting T.Js and Simons memorial plaques in Mae Hong Son.

    The Riders for the trip where Snail and Naomi, Bungy, Swellrides, and Myself. And waiting in Mae Hong Son was Davidfl.

    The plan was to ride up to Mae Hong Son, and position the newly made memorial plaques in front of the trees that were planted in honor of T.J and Simon at the temple on the lake.

    The timing of the trip worked out well, as one of Simons good friends from Phuket (swellrides) was in Chiang Mai, enabling him to join as on the ride.

    We decided to ride to Mae Hong son via doi inthanon, and headed off from the kafe around 10am.


    We stopped in Mae Chaem for lunch.


    Bungy delighted with the meal before him.

    Mae Hong Son at sunset. Great spot to sit back and have a few beers.

    After a few beers we went over to the temple and planted the plaques.
    I think Steve was happy with how it all worked out.

    Once we had placed the plaques in position, we lit two "Khom Fies" and sent them on there way.

    Its amazing how quickly these things take off.

    Next day we all took off in different directions.
    Swellrides and myself decided to return to Chiang Mai via Wat Chan.
    Its was a dusty, but enjoyable ride back.


    Cheers Moto-Rex

    DOH almost forgot. :shock:

    While riding down hwy 1192 about 4kms south of the doi inthanon turn off, I came upon a sharp left hand turn which was littered with gravel from recent road works.
    I was looking down in search of the limited traction, when suddenly in the middle the road, waving he's arms was "Snail." What a considerate GT-Rider this guy is I thought. Stopping and warning his fellow riders of the impending danger. I slowed and looked a little further down the road and wondered why would he park he's bike under the safety rail?

    I then noticed deep scrap marks in the tar road that ended were the bike was laying, these gouges made me realize that the bike was not parked in that location deliberately.

    Snail trying to get he's bike out. I was to busy taking photos to help.

    But Steve was there to lend a hand.


    Who put that gravel there?


    Mirror/gardening tool.

    Bungy was very concerned for he's fellow riding companion.

    The wounded snail.

  2. Snail crashing his bike ??? :( Well it happens to the best riders, luckily he got away with minor scratches, bike can be fixed which I'm sure will be done in the usual perfect matter. Anyway, David, welcome back to LOS. See, they (''also had enough'') always come back :lol: :lol: .If you read this, you're very welcome to see me at my new Northern home whenever you fell like it..... :p and of course Naomi too...... :D
    Sorry that I couldn't join you on this ride, would have loved too.
    Cheers, Franz
  3. Good on you guys and have to say that plaque looks nice.
    Also good to hear that all are ok, there you see Kawa has thought everything, even whn the mirror is gone. it's handy tool for garden..LOL

    I could not help notice in your photo on Doi inthanon,, that Simon &TJ sticker has been removed from the sign
  4. Goldust. thats what those photos are rexy! amazing. on those types of rural roads with littered gravel i guess it pays off to excercise caution and not recklessly chase seconds of previous trips lap times.
    seems like selling his ducati hasnt quelled davids aptitiude for speed and now rental companies in chiang mai must bear the brunt!!

    p.s hats of to you guys for making the trip again in honour of Simon.
  5. [quote quote=Moto-Rex]
    Its was a dusty, but enjoyable ride back.

    [quote quote=Moto-Rex]

    GGOOOOD !! the state of MY bike, Swellrides !!! Mr(s) Beer must have had a heart attack ! :shock:

    What a place !! christ ! would have loved ot be there too !

  6. Arh, not another crash tour? :shock: :shock: I arrived safely the day before.

    The weather was good
    and the views of Mae Hong Son city superb.


    A nice 'n easy day it was

    Piya guesthouse it was for accommodation & Sunflower Pub & Restaurant by the lake it was for happy hour, with early arrivals Moto-Rex & Swellrides

    Then "the mob."
    oh well just a couple more..

    Then quickly over to the temple to inspect the site

    Implant the plaques

    Weed the immediate surroundings
    & a good job it was too for your mates, Steve!

    Pose for a group photo

    a 1,000 baht donation was made to the temple for their kindness in allowing us to plant & maintain the thousand year old rose bushes & the plaques in the temple grounds. Should any riders stop in Mae Hong Son, please visit the temple Wat Chong Klang (the right hand one) by the lake, pay your respects to TJ & Siinthai, & make a donation to the temple.

    Later on it was a leisurely stroll on up to Ban Thai for a foot massage
    the Baan Thai has a reputation for the best massages - foot & traditional Thai - around & tonights was no exception. They always seem to have the best no hanky panky girls for incredibly good massages. Check 'em out in MHS you wont disappointed.

    They've got to be good when even this Chiang Mai lady nursing a child, still pops in for her regular foot massage!

    Now the reason for the quick evening planting of the plaques was that the next day there was a mass monk ordination ceremony at the temple. And a very pretty impressive sight it was.

    This was the dress rehearsal the evening before

    And in the early morning





    An important occasion it was to record





    Calmly waiting by the TJ-Siinthai plaques & rose bushes

    Thanks for coming along for the ride
    The Snail
    it was a good memorable trip & event.

    To my good mate The Snail, good to see you again & know that you are all A-OK, despite your little spill (trying to catch Bungy I believe?)

    :wink: :wink:
  7. A Good Deed done by all :wink: Wasn't such a Large Group as the Memorial Ride but for Me No Less Fun!!! 8) Fantastic Ride, Trip and Company!!! The Guys should be Proud of Us and I am sure they would have been Smiling the Entire two Days watching Our Antics!!! :shock:
    We meet at the Kafe then off towards Doi Inthanon where We stopped to Wait for the Snail who had to do something in Chiang Mai and would catch Up. Rex, Naomi & Steve.


    Off up the Mountain We went and a Fantastic Ride We had all being on the Same Size Bikes. I was Laughing out Loud dicing with David all the way. Him on a D-Tracker and Myself on the Trusty KLX. Once up the Top We took a couple of Photos and discovered Rex hadn't been there before so Here is His Photo.


    I had both Simon and TJ's Plaque Firmly Strapped to My Bike after fabricating a Frame and Steel Peg for them back at the X-Centre, and What a Ride they Got all the Way :shock: Hope the Boys enjoyed it!!!


    We didn't stay long so off back down the Mountain and down into Mae Chaem. I was still in the Flow from the Ride up so it just felt Perfect on the Nimble KLX blasting down the Hill. I waited for quite a while near the bottom but only Naomi turned up so we made our way into town and refueled and time for Lunch. This is when the rest turned up and I learned of Snails Mishap. He Proudly showed His Skinned Hands, Going Down an Extreme Rarity for Him!!!


    After Lunch We started out at a easy Pace which gradually picked up into the Fastest Ride I have Had to Mae Hon Song, Our Little 250's were Pinned and You would be amazed at How Fast they can be cornered. One of the Best Fun Rides I have ever Had. Both Myself and Snail were Surprising how little difference there is between the D-Tracker on Road Tyres and the KLX on Dual Purpose Tyres ? :?:
    Checked into Our Rooms and Time for a Beer!


    Decided to do the Plaque Placing then and there so off We went.


    Simon's Plaque.


    TJ's Plaque.


    Group Photo after finishing!!!


    We even decided to Light some Lanterns for the Guys so up went two of these.


    A Night Photo of the Temple where the Guys Memorial Trees are Planted!!! Beautiful!!!


    A Photo of the Restaurant & Bars opposite where We Drank many a Toast the both Simon & TJ!!!


    It was a Pretty Big Night and a lot of Fun. Next morning after Breakfast We all went Our own ways as i had things to do back in Chiang Mai. As I left Snail had a Departing Challenge saying He had got back from MHS to CM Years ago on His Old BMW in 2 Hours 54 Minutes. I never really thought about it at first as I enjoyed the Beautiful Morning and Great Ride but by the time I was at Soppong I was starting to get into the Flow again and Picking up the Pace. It is Just So much Fun on a Small Bike and So easy to throw around I was Flying by the time i got to Pai. Re-Fueled there and Off again!!! The Road was Pretty Slippery over the Mountain and I had some Great Slides Entering and Exiting the Corners. I was Buzzing all the Way. I refueled again with V-Power at the Shell Station where the Pai Road intersects the 107. Quick Blast back to the X-Centre and Time Check: 2 Hours 46 Minutes!!!
    OK to be fair the Roads are probably better now and I only went to Mae Rim but The Snail did it on a Bigger Bike??? Still a Pretty Impressive Time :wink:
    So To all You Guys out there who think a Big Bike is the Way to Go I suggest a Rethink!!! I Ride My 250's everyday and Prefer them everywhere except on Fast Long Trips where My Triumph Tiger comes into it's Own. :)
    The Perfect Bike for this Country I believe is either a Enduro or Motard. You can get by on a 250cc but 400cc up would be the Best so You can have some More Speed on the Big Straights. Might I be so Bold to Suggest either the:
    KTM 690 Enduro
    Ducati Hypermotard 796
    Lets See Who gives Us the Best Deal
    :wink: :idea: :?:
  8. Superb reports and pics from all and really nice looking plaques. Agree, reckon "the boys" would be well impressed and I am gutted that I was stuck in the shop and missed out. Then again, sounds like I wouldn't have been able to keep up anyway!


  9. Stunning pictures and real good trip reports there guys !! Hats off to you for putting up the memorial plates and doing the memorial-roundtrip.
    Yes, Mae Hong Son's Chongkham Lake and Temple are more than inspiring.
    Ian, I just can imagine how much you beamed when reading your watch and 2 hrs. 46 minutes, I'm gonna take you on that and challenge an even shorter time on both the SRX and the FJR..... :lol: :D :lol: ??
    Keep such reports comin' by the dozens (same as the new reports from
    Luke & Mark)..........
    Cheers, FR
  10. Fantastic you guys....great reports ......just pissed off I couldn't make it this time.

    I'm sposin' the 2 upstairs / downstairs ?? guys would have had a smile ear to ear.

    Ian, reckon your spot on with the 250's in that region. Hey , you looked like a fairly scary guy to follow enroute to MHS with those pointy stakes protruding from the back of your bike !!!

    David , glad you walked away smiling after your certainly had potential .

    Steve glad you could at last get up into that great area and do a few miles.
  11. I would first like to give a huge thanks to Rex, Ian and David for taking time to help me set up this trip, and get me out on the amazing trails! It was my first motorcycle trip up to Chiang Mai, but will not be my last!!

    The rest of the group has pretty much captured the trip. The main point was to install the plaques, and was accomplished in fine fashion, after a few beers, and a great ride. After being out of the country during the last memorial ride, I was very glad to be a part of this outing.

    Thanks again, it was great to meet many of you that I have only know through the computer. Thanks again, and look me up if you are ever down south, in my hood, and we will put together a ride Phuket style (from bar to bar, and beach to beach!)

    I will include a few photos as well:

    David using the correct tool for the job!


    Nothing a little brute force cant fix.

    Flight of the lanterns.

    Have Jameson will travel!

    The boys at the bar.

    Rex and I head back

    Taking the road less traveled.

    The road was dusty, but great!!

    I wrapped up my trip with drinks at the X Centre on Wednesday evening and met more of the GT crew. Sorry, no photos of that evening, but I am sure you have seen all the usual suspects with drinks in their hands.

    Thanks again to everyone, and hope to return for more epic riding!!
  12. [/quote:29m4vruy]

    Yeah, they were a little scared to let me take the new KLR, and I was a bit worried as well Sylvie!

    When I brought it back, Mr. Beers eyes got real big :shock: and he checked the bike very thoroughly, and found it was just very dirty!!

    Hopefully he will un restrict it before I get back next time, as it needs a bit more power!! Great to ride with you Sylvie, and you would have been a great addition to the group. Sorry we couldn't convince you to "miss" your flight!! :lol:

    Take care and please stay in touch!!
  13. Would like to get up there for the anniversarys of the guys departures this year , but not looking good at this stage ....knee deep in health issues !! Have been wondering if there will be the chance of a re run of last years excellent ride ?

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