plastic tank deformation by Gasohol lists of makes and models

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  1. below is a link to an excellent article about plastic tank deformation by Gasohol and includes lists of makes and models ,
    not just Ducati but also HD,KTM ,Motoguzzi,Apprillia and more reports are now coming in from Europe even some BMW s have been affected.

    triumph have stopped using plastic tanks and HD will be switching to steel tanks on 2012 model sporster 1200 sport
    the main issue is PA 6 poly propelyne plastic and the primary manufacturer is Acerbis
  2. Think some of the manufacturer's have been caught with their pants down as it were! Gasahol/ethanol mix has been here for quite a while now so they've all had time to prepare. Friend of mine in Florida assures me the U.S. is using the stuff as well. Bonnie T100 is nearly 5 years old & so far no problems apart from a lot of spluttering on start up if I've left it for any length of time with gasahol in it. However, it does have a steel tank. I usually try to leave it with neat petrol in it if its going to be stood for over a week. It's to California spec. & the handbook clearly states it should run on ethanol mix. I don't think they'd dare put that in writing in the U.S. if the case were otherwise - they'd be sued for anything possible & things never even thought of! They do cover themselves however, by stating 'in the event of misfire revert to normal gasoline'. An interesting article - thanks for posting!
  3. David , USA has had a 10% mix for over 15 years ,steel tanks are fine its the PA 6 plastic thats the problem and its spreading worldwide even in Europe with only 5% mix , biles with plastic tanks are having issues , It has been seen here too.

    an aftermarket for chinese and indian made steel is beginning to develop slowly in USA expect it will grow over next few years .
  4. Just a small point of information. PA is short for Poly Amide, more commonly called Nylon and this is the Nylon 6 variety. PP or polypropylene is structurally a much weaker plastic and is unlikely to be used for tanks on high performance motorcycles.
  5. Thanks John for the chemical update , problem is that plastic tanks whatever formulas have been tried are all vulnearble to gasohol issues ,,,,,

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