Play Before Work

Aug 20, 2013
I haven't done much riding lately for the last 2 months as I've injured my right shoulder and arm by playing tennis. Tendonitis I have I think. Oddly, riding a bike doesn't hurt but lifting something as simple as a cup of coffee does! Anyway, having cancelled two invites for rides before Xmas and as I have a lot of free time, I went for a blast at Bo Din.

At 1:04 on the vid I came off and slammed my head on the floor. Bruised my left leg but it isn't painful. SW-Motech did their job although they are a little bent in now.

When I came off, I couldn't figure it out as it was almost like the bike cut out on me on the corner. I had enough revs, didn't change down and lock the wheel under high revs, I am still not sure. The only thing I have come up with is perhaps catching the rear brake a little on the dry grass which has locked the wheel, dropping the revs and cutting the power off in one go. However, yet again, the might Drift Ghost S took another slam but keeps on going. The one in question is 4 years old. Bought at the same time as the GoPro 4 when it was introduced. It lasted 3 months! I have 3 Drift Ghost S and the new Sony FDR 3000X which I am too scared to use.