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  1. rxlyons

    rxlyons New Member

    Hi, I am from the UK and I will be leaving in 3 weeks (with my girlfriend) for a 3 month trip around SEA... first Vietnam then Thailand and Laos, then India.

    After Vietnam we would like to buy a bike in Thailand (possibly in Chiang mai)

    Please can someone advise me on best place to buy, what sort of bike, documents I need to bring with me from UK, and what documents I will need to get there, for touring as well as exporting or selling.

    The ideal plan I think, would be to start from Chiang mai Thailand, and hopefully in one week, I will be able to find a bike and get it registered; then we would like to ride for 4 weeks into Laos, then cross back into Thailand heading towards Bangkok, then ride down to Phuket / Krabi...and finally bring the bike to KL ,from where it will be shipped out (to Italy)

    Then we will fly back to Bankgok and continue our trip to India.

    Any advice much appreciated

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  3. dad

    dad Member

    M/c purchasing in Thailand is difficult with a tourist visa.
    C/M has available all new M/C. 100-1300cc.
    M/C manufactured in Thailand are exempt of Tax all others
    up to 100% Tax.
    All small Honda Yamaha Suzuki + some Kawasaki up to 1000cc
    are manufactured in Thailand & are v/g value.
    You require a registed address with documents of proof to
    purchase & register.
    I would not think of S/Hand as BIG PROBLEMS await the unwary.
    Do your homework throughly as to purchase. then you have the
    export side to jump over but should not be problem outside Thailand
    but I am not aware of documents required from Thailang..
    Good luck.. Dad...
  4. dad

    dad Member

    I forgot Laos.
    The best imfo is on this site Touring Laos. The entry point is near
    Chiang Mia. Dad..
  5. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Its quite a big subject, buying and registering bikes over here, but it is well covered in many threads which you can find using the search function.
    There are no entry points to Laos anywhere near Chiang Mai, again they are all covered on the entering Laos part of the main site.

    One point to note is that even if you do manage to get all the paperwork together to buy a new bike, which as Dad stated is difficult on a tourist visa and no proof of permanent address, you will not get the license plate and bike registration book for up to 4 weeks from purchase. Without these you cannot take the bike into Laos. I think buying a new bike and taking to Laos is going to be very difficult for you. Hiring is possible, but maybe better to hire once you get to Laos and avoid the crossing border issues. Again well covered in other posts on the site.

    I hope you understand people like me are not wishing to be unhelpful in asking you to search for other posts, but all the information is there, I promise and if we repeated it every time someone asks the question, the site would be very cluttered. Its a bit like having to write a new book for the people who do not wish to look for one already in the library.
    Wishing you well for your forthcoming trip.
  6. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer


    As said Dad and Jhon, maybe for 3 months avoid many hassles by renting "on site".
    Registering, getting plates, crossing borders, insurances... Mmmmh... Does it worth it?

    Happy trails in SEA
  7. rxlyons

    rxlyons New Member

    Thanks guys for the tips ...sorry for the slow response but I couldn't see any of your replies.

    Anyway, I will definately do some more research on this excellent website, but it looks like renting is probably going to be the best option for me.

    I heard that from Bgk to CM it's advisable to take an overnight train, but not sure if we should attempt the rest of the journey by land? ...I am concerned that 26 days for

    BGK > Laos > Cambodia > BGK

    will not be enough time ...maybe I should get some flights instead?

    Any advice much appreciated


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