Poi Sang Long & Ordination Festival In Mae Taeng

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  1. Poi Sang Long 'ordination festival' in Mae Taeng - Chiang Mai

    If you are in Chiang Mai right now, I would like to invite you to visit Wat Tiyasathan in Mae Taeng district, 40 kilometres to the north of Chiang Mai city. There is a huge poi sanglong 'ordination' festival going on there, from 29 March to 3 April, the biggest festival of poi sanglong i have ever heard, with around 200 boys, most of them aged between 7 and 15, dressed up as old time princes.

    Another significance of this festival is that the organisers have brought the Zat Tai, most famous Shan drama group from Panglong, Shan State, Burma. The group trvels to Thailand for the first time to perform their plays to Shan communities in Thailand. I hope Shan people from over Thailand who haven't been back to Shan State will rush to Chiang Mai for this festival.

    Other significances of this festival include the traditional Shan practice of learning Buddhism through the peformance of lik loung poetic literature recited by specialist readers and modern music concerts.

    Well, there are other poi sanglong festivals going on in northern Thailand through the month of April.

    http://www.shanland.org/index.php?optio ... Itemid=279

    In Thoed Thai there will be a Poi Sang Long ordination ceremony for 20 Shan boys on 8-9-10 April.
    John at Rim Taan Guesthouse says sleep in Thoed Thai on the night of the 8th to see the main Poi Sang Long ordination parade & ceremonies on the 9th April in Thoed Thai.
    All visitors are welcome.

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