Police Motorcycle Thieves - Nice One!


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
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Police involved in cross-border motorbike smuggling

BANGKOK, May 18 (TNA) - Evidence has been found implicating over 100 Thai police officers in a cross-border motorcycle smuggling ring which illegally imported motorbikes into Thailand from Malaysia, the chief inspector of the national police force admitted yesterday.

The admission comes over widespread rumours that Pol. Maj. Gen. Kritsada Phankhongchuen, the deputy head of the Metropolitan Police, was transferred from his former post as head of the force's car and motorcycle theft unit due to involvement with the smuggling gang.

The National Police Inspector, Sereepisut Temeeyavet, said that evidence pointed to 108 police officers involved in the scandal, from junior level right up to senior ranks.

The case has been submitted to the National Police Chief, Pol. Gen. Kowit Wattana, for deliberation, and legal action will be taken against the officers involved.

The police officers are said to have worked with Malaysian smugglers who stole parked motorcycles from towns across Malaysia before smuggling them into Thailand for sales to Thai customers.

The Thai officers pretended to seize the vehicles, but in fact failed to make a record of their 'captures', and, instead, changed the registration and produced fake vehicle documents before handing them on to the Customs Department for resales.

But the purchasers were in fact cronies of the corrupt police officers who bought up all the vehicles and sold them to unsuspecting members of the public.(TNA)--E006

Note: My guess is that these were only small 100-150cc bikes, but then again...

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