POLICE road blocks


Jan 7, 2015
POLICE as we all know are really full of shit. They only care about how much they can get off you. They uphold very little people skills and are really fucking irritating. Brought a new PCX and the book was at the DLT to be collected the next day in my name.

Never rarely get caught at blocks dur to the fact I never stop on my big bike. Big road blocks I look at as roadside robbers that want to rob me. I never ever stop for the 3 man teams. There wankers. The big ones are a little trickier but if you have raced before treat it as circuit work. believe me they dont jump in front. In fact they turn back for the next victim

In saying this I stopped on the PCX full licence, Tax, Reg label. Full receipt for bike I purchased the day before. Although the Green book was at DLT. He did not want knmow he only wanted write tickets The dirty little Thai did not want to know and also insisted I talk bad. Yes I talk bad to shit thats trying to rob innocent people

They are merely roadside robbers. If your at lights make sure you have a exit door prefer U Turn coz they introduced a new wrinkle in Pattaya.. A one man wrinle sizes up what bike why light is red.. Caught in 2 days ago in Pattaya. i let the dirt bag walk a little first HaHa flea bag