Polishing in Chiang Mai

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  1. I'm looking for someone in Chiang Mai who can do metal polishing. It would be for alloy MC components; rear-sets, swingarm, headshield, etc.. Who would you recommend?
  2. The chrome shop in Nong Hoi does polishing, but I have either pissed off the woman who works there or she has an attitude problem so I try to do it myself now. Not bad work, but they cannot (or will not) get into small corners and refuse to buy the proper tools to do so

    Their chrome work is crap, as it the other CM chrome shop
  3. Thanks, Hoghead. I'm not familiar with Nong Hoi. Any directions, or landmarks I should look out for? Or the lady's name, seeing as how you are on intimate terms?
  4. Through the big intersection at Nong Hoi heading toward the airport. The first little (really little) soi on the right and 200m down on the left

    Did a pair of Weber manifolds yesterday at home using the proper sanding tools and turned out great. she took one glance and proclaimed mai di

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