Pong Sa area to Pai area vis dirt (GPS data included)

Dec 7, 2006
Well I might be down but I still have reports to write.

This one is a decent double track from Pong Sa to Pai. Well the way I went put me out on the 1095 about 20k east of Pai. But there where numerous options north of Pong Sa that I'm sure would lead to Pai or the 1265 (wat chan rd).

I actually came in to Pong Sa from the south via some trails (another mystery spot) around Samoeng. There a village "Ban Mair Wair' , just a bit north its asphalt all the way to Pong Sa then dirt the rest. Like I said they were many turn offs. I didn't take them because it was getting dark and I needed a meal and massage.

Here's the GPS data - both in GPX and Google Earth format. I know I said I wasn't going to give any more stuff up. But I have a broken leg - and I'm happy. Must be the pain killers.

Love Dirty

Link to download site:

Password: dirty