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  1. Just when I thought I’d seen everything in Thailand. Popped down to my local post office to check on my mail box & loh & behold there was a motorcycle on the mail room floor, all stamped up ready to be posted off somewhere.




    So next time you want to go somewhere on a long trip, but don’t have enough time, post your bike off in advance under the new “Logis Post” system & pick it up later on from wherever you want to start your trip?
    This country is unbelievable & I love it.

    Keep The Power On
  2. and what would be the chances that this would reach the final destination without being stolen by the postman?
    Though being Thailand i bet this gets through where my simple letters cannot!
  3. Yep Dave, this is how I sent my Honda XL600 up to Chiang Mai before xmas, it cost 1600 baht, the post people here were very surprised to see such a big bike, the only other business that moves bikes wanted 4000 baht as they weighed the bike first. The post just seems to have a basis m/c price depending on distance.
  4. Bloody hell I did not know about that one. Sort gives a new meaning to the term "postie bike" doesn't it?

    Keep The Power On
  5. where did you post from ozzyboy Bangkok?. did you have no problems, what about insurance?. sorts a problem im having planning my next trip
    thanks in advance
  6. been u can put it on the train?my worry,s are where it,d be kept for picking office sounds simple though!

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